App Notifications | Overview | Marketing Suite

App Notifications | Overview | Marketing Suite

Mobile App Push Notifications Overview & Quickstart Guide

What is the Astro Loyalty Customer Mobile App?

We have created a customer loyalty application that is available for your customers’ Androids and iPhones. The app is available for download from the Android “Google Play Store” and the iPhone “iTunes” store.

We want you to have an understanding of what the app does for you and your customers. This application enables your customers to see what programs they are participating in and how many purchases they have made on their respective programs as well as allowing them to set up a customer profile including pet data. Your customers are linked exclusively to your store and the transactions they conduct with you. This is a great way to keep your business top of mind with your customers.

When you add a customer to the Astro Loyalty program, they are sent a “Welcome” email with instructions on how to create their account password and download the app. They can immediately set up their app and begin following their purchases in your store.

App Notifications Quickstart Guide

Push notifications are used to keep your customers informed about new programs, specials, and other offerings at your store via the customer's mobile device!

You can send push notification to customers that have the Astro mobile app by going into the Marketing suite and selecting App Notifications. 

On the Push Notification Setup page, you can enter your message in the text box. You can select the recipients from the drop down menu. If the customers have opted in If you have created a list, from the List Generator section, those will appear on the drop down menu as well.
Customers that have opted in on the app will show in the box on the right. 

For a more detailed walk-through on sending Push Notifications, check out this article:

Customizing the Mobile App:

Astro allows you to customize the mobile app with your logo and color scheme. By default the mobile app is branded to Astro and you can modify by following the article: Customizing the Mobile App

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