Campaigns | How To Create A Quick MY PROMOTIONS Campaign | Marketing Suite

Campaigns | How To Create A Quick MY PROMOTIONS Campaign | Marketing Suite

We recommend using Google Chrome. We found that Chrome works the best for the Marketing Suite. 

My Promotions

My Promotions are the best thing to hit customer loyalty since, well... Astro Loyalty! You will not find My Promotions anywhere else on any other platform. They are the ultimate promotional tool since they can promote literally anything you want, they require no program building, and they can be made and sent to your customers in moments. Think of My Promotions as the child prodigy of My Custom Programs and Astro Offers. This custom promotional tool is only available to our Marketing Suite Members. 

That's great... so what are they now?

Simply put they are a way for you to advertise and track Custom Inhouse Promotions at your store, so in this regard they are similar to My Custom Programs. They are designed to be redeemed by your customers within one visit, so in this regard they function very similarly to Astro Offers. 
  1. First you choose what you want to promote; let's say it's your new Self Dog Wash.
  1. Now you'll decide what you want to offer your customers if they come in for a Dog Wash; let's do $5 Off One Self Dog Wash.
  1. Now to make the My Promotion, you can add a picture and text to describe your giveaway, and choose a date range for when you want to make it available to your customers.
  1. When you save your new My Promotion a barcode will be generated, and guess what! When you send a My Promotion to your customers via a Multi-Media Campaign, your customers will be sent your Promo Image and the Description of your My Promotion along with that custom barcode. 
  1. Then when a customer brings that barcode to your store during your promotional period, your cashier just needs to scan that barcode onto their Pet Owner account. Astro will handle the rest!
  1. Now they can enjoy $5 Off your brand new Self Dog Wash! All that is left for your cashier to do is discount your customer's POS sale accordingly. 

If you need to you can Print a copy of your My Promotion barcode to keep up at the register just in case you have a customer or two that forgot theirs or does not have a smartphone. Once your My Promotion is generated and appears on your list of My Promotions you will see a red icon that will allow you to generate a printable document.

My Promotions were designed to help you promote your inhouse goods and services. Even though they do generate reports to help you track their success, these reports are not meant to be sent to an outside party for any sort of credit reimbursement. Your business is who will be funding all giveaways and discounts promoted with My Promotions. Astro Loyalty and their partners are not in any way funding the fulfillment of these promotions.

Now let's begin!

Campaigns Quick Tutorial Video

Jump to Timestamp 2:00 for specific info on creating a My Promotions Campaign. Start at the beginning of the video if you would like a full overview before jumping in.

How To Create A Quick My Promotions Campaign:

Select the Marketing button on the top of your Astro page.

Select the Campaign icon.

Step One: Create a Promotion

Click the My Promotions button.

Your screen will most likely be blank, so you will need to make a promotion first. Click the New Promotions button. 

Here you will enter the information pertaining to your promotion. First enter the Promotion Title
For this example, ours says "Free Bath Saturday"

Next, add a Promotion Description. Let your customers know some brief details about the promotion.

You can enter in a Start and End Date for the duration of the promotion. 

You can also upload an image for your promotion. This is a great way to grab your customers' attention. We recommend a square 400x400 image. You can upload your own Image by clicking on the Choose File button. Or you can add one of our Library Images.

Astro's Marketing Team has added several images to the Astro Image Library. You can now add one of these Images directly to the My Promotion using the Choose Image From Library button. Clicking this button will take you directly to the Astro Library which is where all of our Pre-Designed Promo Images are housed. All you need to do is click on an Image to add it to your My Promotion. 
If you would rather download an Image from the Library and edit it to suite your design needs, checkout this article for some tips on how to do so. 

Once you have filled everything out, click the Save and Quick Campaign button. You can also Save Promotion Only and send it out at a later date. 

Step Two: Campaign Setup Step 1

The Campaign Title will automatically be filled in based on what you enter in the previous step. 

Next is selecting the customers you are trying to reach. Select an option from the drop down menu. If you have made a list, from the List Generator, those options will appear on the list as well. Learn how to make a List here: Lists | How to Generate Customer Lists | Marketing Suite
For this example, we selected All Pet Owners.

Once you have selected an option from the Recipient list, you will see the customers listed that correspond in the right box. This box will show the customers' name, email, and phone number. 

There are also 3 different icons associated with each customer. 
The envelope icon- shows that there is an email address for that customer. 
The sms message bubble icon- means the customer has opted in to receive text messages.
The phone icon- means they have the Astro customer app to receive push notifications.

Next you will need to select the Communication Type. Do you want this message to be sent via email, text, and/or push notification? You can select up to all 3 options, just click the checkbox of the type you would like to use. Depending on which communication option you choose a corresponding Subject text box will appear underneath. These will already be pre-filled in based on what you entered previously, but you can change any of the titles to what you would like. 

Step Three: Confirm and Send

If everything is set to what you would like, click the Save and Continue button.


A pop-up window will appear to confirm that the subjects are correct depending on what communication type you picked previously. 

You will be taken to the Campaign Setup Step 2 page. This will show you an overview of your message. You can see the preview of the message on the right. You can send a preview to an email by selecting the Send Preview button. If everything looks correct, click Save and Queue For Sending button.

Another pop-window will appear confirming how many of each communication type(that you had selected previously) will be sent. If you are ready, click the Send button. You can also Save as a Draft and come back to this at a later date. Or go cancel and go Back to Step 2 and make any changes before sending. 

Once sent, you will be taken back to the Campaign page. Here you will see the Promotion campaign you just sent at the top. 

Campaign Subject- This is subject of the message that you created.
Recipients- Total number of customers the message was sent to.
Impressions- You will be able to see how many customers viewed the message, unsubscribed, and redeemed the promotion.
Actions- You can View the message, Clone campaign, or Archive the campaign. 

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