How to Send a Simple Text-Only App Notification | Simple Campaigns | Marketing Suite

How to Send a Simple Text-Only App Notification | Simple Campaigns | Marketing Suite

What is an App Notification (aka a Push Notification)?

An App Notification is a message that you can send to your customers who are currently using the Free Astro Loyalty Mobile App. When an App is sent to these customers they will get a banner Push Notification message (as long as they do not have that disabled on their smart device) and the message will then show up under the Notifications menu section of their Mobile App so it can be accessed and read at anytime. Even if a customer has notifications disabled on their smart device your App Notifications will still compile under the Notification section of their Mobile App. 

You can customize your store's Mobile App with your store logo and colors. This brings a personal touch to your App so your customers recognize where their loyalty lies every time they log in.

NOTE: Your Mobile App Customers are able to receive both Simple Text-Only Campaigns and Multi-Media Templated Campaigns. Multi-Media Campaigns can contain Images, Text, URL Links, Flyer Links, Offer/Promotion Details, and more! Below we are demonstrating how to send a Simple Text-Only Message. If you wish to send a Multi-Media Template Campaign to your Mobile App Customers use the Multi-Media Template Campaign tool demonstrated here and select App Notification as your delivery method.

Simple Campaigns were designed to help you deliver short and quick messages to your customers. Think a sentence or two tops.
Examples include: Adoption Event today at 2:00pm / You qualify for a reward! Stop by soon to claim it. / Attention, the food you regularly purchase has been recalled as a safety precaution. Please stop by the store for a replacement bag. / Stop by today to earn Double Points on all purchases!
If you need to share more complex, or longer communications with your customers, use Multi-Media Campaigns.

How To Create & Send a Simple Text-Only App Notification:

1. Select the Marketing button on your Astro homepage.

2. Select Campaigns. 

3. Scroll down and select 'App Notification- Text Only'

4. On the Push Notification Dashboard, select 'New Push Notification.'

5. On the Push Notification Setup page, you can enter your message in the text box. 

6. You can select the recipients from the drop down menu. It will default to 'All Pet Owners.' Customers that have opted in on the app will show in the box on the right. 
INFO: More information on creating and using a Recipient List.

7. Once you have entered your message and have the customers selected, click on the green "Save and Send Notification" button at the bottom. 

8. A confirmation pop-up window will appear. If you are satisfied with your message, click the green "Send Notification" button.

9. After sending the notification, you will arrive back at the Push Notification Dashboard. Here you will be able to see the messages created and the status of each one. 

Quick break down on each column:
Notification Message- This is the message that you created
Status- This will show either "Queued" or "Sent." Queued means that the message is in the process of being sent. 
Created- Date message was created
Sent- Date the message was sent
Total Recipients- Total customers selected to receive the message
Actions- You can archive any messages by clicking on the red box icon

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