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            What sets Astro apart from the competition?

            Here at Astro, we are Pet People with years of experience in the pet industry. We have come together to design a platform specifically for independent pet retailers. We provide a comprehensive approach to customer loyalty by providing  access to exclusive manufacturer frequent buyer programs and offers for your customers. We’ve also built in custom loyalty options to fit your stores unique needs. To top it off, we’ve built a Marketing Suite for you to promote your business. We do all of this while alleviating your paperwork and increasing your store's efficiency.

            Where can I see a complete list of participating brands?

            You can see our complete list of participating brands here. If you do not see a brand you are looking for you can request it by submitting a ticket through our help desk or emailing We can build you any program you wish. 

            Astro's Official Programs are officially endorsed by the brands themselves, and many of them are Exclusive to Astro members. 

            This means that your redemption credits are guaranteed because the brands themselves helped us design these programs. In many cases you will find programs that offer better deals for your customers or programs you cannot find anywhere else. 

            There is no way to miss rewarding a Free Good. 

            Astro will always prompt the cashier when a customer has met the purchase requirement of their card. And when redeeming that card it will only show them the items that qualify to be redeemed based on the rules of the program. 

            Astro's Redemption Reports are fully Automated! 

            So every time a customer redeems a free good or a rebate at your store that redemption is immediately and automatically reported to your distributor via Astro. In most cases you will find your distributor credits you within the same week, and in some cases in less time. 

            Astro Offers & Exclusive Instant Deals for your Customers! 

            Astro Offers are blowing up. Think of them like coupons that your customers can redeem within one transaction. There are dozens of these available to you every month, all you need to do is enroll to participate. Then when a customer purchases a qualifying item and you scan that item onto their Astro account you will be prompted to redeem the Offer and that redemption will immediately report to your distributor for credit. No more paper coupons and the frustration of having to mail them across the country for credit. Oh, and Astro Offers are included with your Astro subscription and are always Free for you to participate in. 

            How do I access Astro Loyalty?

            Astro Loyalty is a web based software. To access your Astro Loyalty account you simply need to go to and login.

            Free Customer Mobile App!

            This is included with your Astro subscription and completely customizable with your store's logo and color scheme. Your customers can use their App to follow along with their frequent buyer card progress, their Points, and they can see all the Astro Offers you are currently enrolled in. You can also send these customers free Push Notifications that will alert them to anything you wish to share. 

            Is Astro Loyalty integrated with my POS?

            Depending on your POS System we may have either partial or full integration options available to you. Astro was designed to be used as a standalone system so everything from looking up customers and ringing up their qualifying Frequent Buyer and Offer purchases can be done very quickly. But if you are able to use one of these integrated pieces it's the next level of speed and efficiency- something I never thought I would say regarding Frequent Buyer Programs. 

            Is Astro Loyalty iPad compatible?

            Yes! However, there is no App to download as Astro Loyalty is still a web based software. In order to access Astro Loyalty on your iPad you simply need to go to on your preferred web browser and login.

            Does Astro Loyalty provide a designated tablet to utilize Astro?

            No. Astro does not provide any hardware (computers, tablets, or other devices). We have, however, made Astro compatible with most devices.

            Astro Marketing. Astro Loyalty Points. Astro Custom Programs. 

            There are also several extras that you can choose to add on to your account, including a robust Marketing Suite that includes professionally designed marketing templates that can be sent to your customers via Email, SMS Text Message, or Push Notification. 

            Will our customers be able to go to another retailer and receive credit for a purchase there?

            No, your customers will not be able to go to another retailer and receive credit for a purchase towards their frequent buyer card with you. Astro was designed to increase customer loyalty to your store so only their purchases at your store(s) will count towards their frequent buyer with you.

            Are our customers exclusive to us only?

            Originally your customers were exclusive to you, they had one account, and if they moved, traveled, or decided to shop somewhere else, the account would need to be unlinked from your store and moved to the other. We decided to update this. Now customers can have multiple accounts with Astro, but they will all be linked separately to a respective store. Meaning, they can use the same email address and phone number for multiple accounts, but they can not use Store A's account at Store B and vice versa. We believe this will make Astro more flexible for customers who travel often, but it will also keep them consistently shopping at a primary location. 

            What do the dates mean under the description of the frequent buyer programs? Are they expiration dates?

            All of our programs have code built into them that will allow us to write them so they will expire. Our Offers are a great example of this, they only run for a set period of time, usually a month. However, our Frequent Buyer programs do not expire. Instead, what you are seeing is a consistent date that we set into each program (falls on the first week of January) so come January 1st we will go in and roll all our programs over for the next year. 

            What about Frequent Buyer programs where a customer must make all purchases within a certain time, how does Astro keep track of them?

            Certain manufacturers like Natural Balance and Canine Caviar ask that all purchases be made within a certain period of time, generally 14 months. Astro has this clause built into the program and will keep track of this for you. If a customer's first purchase is made outside of the window of allotted time, the check mark will fall off the card. They will still get credit for the remaining purchases and will not loose the entire card. The first purchase will still appear when you click Expand Card, so you will know when the item was purchased and why a check is missing from the card so you can explain to the customer. 

            Updated: 02 Jan 2020 03:52 AM
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