Astro Access Troubleshooting

Astro Access Troubleshooting

If you are unable to get into Astro to record a customer's purchase for any reason, print the customer's receipt and set it off to the side so you can add their purchase to their Pet Owner account when you regain access to Astro!
If you are experiencing issues accessing Astro, please see the recommendations below:

Access Website:
Astro is rarely if ever down, but if we do have an outage we are the first to know via alerts and will be acting fast to resolve! If is not available or running slow:  
-Try using a different browser. We recommend Google Chrome as this works best with our site. 
-Please check your internet connection or reach out to your Internet provider. 
-Try rebooting computer. 
-Make sure that your web browser is up to date. 

Login Issues:
-Try using this link:
- Password reset not working:
      1) The email you are using is not the email associated with the account.
      2) Check your spam folder for the reset email.
      3) Your username is not a valid email. If this is the case, please contact your Admin user to update your password. Here is an article with more information: Adding, Editing, Masquerading & Removing Employee Users
- IP Address Restricted Error- In some cases, the Admin user has enabled the Astro restricted IP feature for account access. If this is the case and you are having problems, please reach out to your Admin user.
- Deleted a User- If you deleted your user, if there is another Admin user on the account they can add a user back to the account. If this was the only user on the account, Astro Support will create a new user for you as soon as possible. 
- There may have been a billing issue on your account. If this is the case, Astro Support and Billing department will address as soon as possible. 

If you are still having access issues, our support team; will get back to you as quickly as possible!

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