Max Allowed Points | Standard Loyalty Points

Max Allowed Points | Standard Loyalty Points

Max Allowed provides you a way to set a limit as to how high you customer's can earn points based per transaction on what you enter in. This option can help avoid accidently entering in more than the customers can earn. For example: If you set a max of 100, and someone accidently enters in 1000 points, it will only go as high as 100 based on the max you set.

How to Set a Max Allowed limit:

1. As an Admin user, go to your Actions menu. 

2. Select My Points Setup.

3. You can set a max to a current Points Event you already created or you can create a new Points Event. 
In this example we are going to create a new points event. 

4. You will be able to enter in an amount in the Max Allowed field. 
In this example we have set our max points to 500, so our customer's cant receive more than 500 points per transaction. 

How it Works:

This section will show you how the Max Allowed limit works when entering in customers' points during checkout. 

1. Go to Checkout. 

2. Look up the customer. 

3. Enter in their purchases for that transaction(if any) and select Manage Loyalty Points

4. Enter in their Points earned. 
In this example, we are going to enter in more points then the max amount we set up in the above steps. 

5. Due to the Max Allowed amount we entered in above, if we tried adding more points than that amount it will not going over the Max Allowed amount. 
In this example, when we set the Max Allowed to 500 and tried entering in 1000points, it only allowed 500 points for the transaction. 

6. If everything looks correct during the transaction, you can then proceed to Checkout and Finished to close out the transaction. 

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