Astro Loyalty Points | Lightspeed | Partial Integration

Astro Loyalty Points | Lightspeed | Partial Integration

Turning on Lightspeed Event for Loyalty Points:

Only an Admin users can make changes to the Loyalty Points. 
For more information about setting up Loyalty Points, check out: Loyalty Points - How to Setup Programs & Checkout Customers
This article is intended for those who currently have Loyalty Points already enabled on their Astro account. If you are interested in adding this service to your account, please contact or submit a ticket in the Help Area. 

1. Log into your Astro account via a web broswer. Go to Actions on Astro.

2. Select My Points Setup. 

3. If you want your points program to be able to communicate with Lightspeed you will need to designate a Loyalty Event as a Lightspeed Event. Select your Event. 

4. Change Lightspeed Event to Yes. This will make it so that every time you click the Astro Loyalty button on your Lightspeed interface the integration will translate the dollars spent into points automatically according to the dollar to point ratio you designate on the loyalty event. 

5. Now you can choose whether you want your points to be based on one of three ways.
  1. Sale Subtotal - This is the before tax and discount total. Astro will default to this setting if you do not change it. This is the best option for you if you do not want to reward points for tax dollars spent and you do not have a high volume of programmed discounts applied to your LS items.
  2. Sale Total - This is the after tax and discount total, which is the total amount your customer will owe you at the close of their transaction.
  3. SKU Subtotal - This will allow you to reward points based on specific inventory items as long as they have an assigned Category in Lightspeed. You are able to Include specific categories and/or Exclude specific categories. This allows you to run more than one Event in Lightspeed at a time and to only issue points for items that are not a part of a Frequent Buyer Program.

6. Now your customers will start earning loyalty points from their purchases!

For SKU Subtotal categories, sometimes Astro doesn't always like categories that contain numbers, or categories with multiple spaces. So if you find that Astro is not recognizing a LS category that you have assigned to your inventory items, such as "Buy 12 FB" try changing it to something like "FB" or "Frequent Buyer" or "FrequentBuyer" in Lightspeed then perform a test transaction to test to make sure your points program excluded or included what you intended. 

Lightspeed Events Using SKU Subtotal

 This is useful for a couple scenarios. 
  • You want to only issue points for items that are not a part of a Frequent Buyer Program
  • You want to reward one point value for some items and a different point value for other items. This is great if you want to reward double points for services such as dog washes and grooming, or if you only want to reward half points for food items. There are so many possibilities.
First choose SKU Subtotal as your Dollars Based On option. 

This will create two additional fields. Include Lightspeed Category Words & Exclude Lightspeed Category Words

How to Exclude or Include Categories Using SKU Subtotal:

This system was not actually designed to work with your existing Categories as is, but instead it is designed to allow you to add a keyword to existing categories that you wanted excluded or included.  So here is an example of how it would work.

  1. You create a points event in Astro and add a keyword, such as AstroExclude to the Exclude Lightspeed Category Words field for the event.
  2. In Lightspeed, you would add “ – AstroExclude” to the category or categories you wanted excluded from the points events.  If you want an entire category excluded, you can just add AstroExclude to the main category.  If you just want certain sub categories excluded, you can add AstroExclude to each sub category.
  3. Conversely, if you have more categories you want to exclude than ones you don’t, you could add something like AstroPoints to the Include Lightspeed Category Words and leave the Exclude Lightspeed Category Words blank.

The points exclusion was designed to work with a single word, so right now “Operational” will exclude but that’s it.  And again, it was really designed to have you add a word to your categories and not use the existing categories. 

1. Go to Inventory in Lightspeed. 

2. Select the Category button. 

3. Add a new category for AstroInclude or AstroExclude. 

3. You can now add this category to specific items. Go back to Inventory and select Quick Edit Items.

4. Select the edit button for the item(s) you want to Include or Exclude from the Loyalty Points. 

5. Under Organize, click on the Category option. 

6. Select the category option. Either your AstroInclude or AstroExclude that you made. Then Save Changes. 

7. The repeat steps 3-6, for each item you want to exclude or include for your particular Loyalty Points SKU Subtotal Event. 

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