Max Redemptions Rewards | Standard Loyalty Points

Max Redemptions Rewards | Standard Loyalty Points

Max Redemption Rewards:

When setting up your Point Rewards you can set a Max Redemptions Per Customer and/or a Max Redemption Lifecycle

1. As an Admin user, go to the Actions menu.

2. Select My Points Setup.

3. Select Add Reward or you can edit an existing Reward if you already have one set up. 
In this example we are going to add a new reward. 

4. Enter in the Reward Title, Description, and Points Required. Here you will see the two Max Redemption options.

Max Redemption Per Customer:

Allows you to set a limit for how many times the customer can redeem that particular Reward. 

Max Redemption Lifecycle:

Allows you to set a limit on how many times the customer can redeem over a specific period of days. 

5. Once you have entered in and selected the options you would like, make sure the Reward is set to Active and can Save Changes. 
In this example; we set the reward to 1 per customer and lifecycle to 30 days. This means the customer can redeem this particular reward once per every 30 days. 

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