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            Updating Your Billing Information

            In order to update and make changes to your accounts billing information you must be designated as the Primary Billing Contact. The Primary Billing Contact is generally assigned to the account creator but can be adjusted at anytime by contacting an Astro Agent.

            Once you are logged in as your account's Primary Billing Contact you can now view the billing information under Actions on the top tool bar.

            After selecting Billing Information you will have the option to update your Astro Membership, billing contact, and credit card information.

            By selecting Astro Membership you can make changes to the services that you would like to participate in.
            (You can sign up for Custom Programs and/or Loyalty Points at any time)
            If you wish to update your billing contact simply select the brown pencil icon in the top right corner of the Billing Contact window. Fill in the requested information and select Save Changes when you have completed.

            If you wish to update your credit card information follow the same process as stated above. Select the brown pencil icon in the top right corner of the Credit Card window and fill in the requested information. Once you have completed, select Update/Change Credit Card

            Once completed your information will be saved. You can update your billing information any time. 

            Updated: 17 Jan 2019 03:28 AM
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