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            Tracking Programs | How to Request an Unlisted Frequent Buyer Program

            We can write you any program you want as long as it is Retailer Self-Fulfilled. We call these Tracking Programs

            What are Tracking Programs?
            These are programs that are built at the request of a retailer for a brand that does not have an Official published program on Astro.

            Astro in no way guarantees fulfillment of these programs, this is the retailer's responsibility to secure for themselves. 

            They are all Retailer-Self Fulfilled programs, so they do not report direct to a distributor, instead they generate reports under Retailer Free Goods Credit Batches that you can  export and email to whomever you have worked out a fulfillment agreement with (in most cases retailers work out a deal with their brand rep). 

            Some retailers request these programs if they want to offer in-house promotions to their customers. 

            Because these programs are not officially sanctioned by the manufacturer whose items they contain your rep may lose the ability to credit their program for you, so there is some risk involved. 

            How to Request a Tracking Program on Astro

            Step One:
            Login under your Administrator Account.

            Step Two:
            Click on the Frequent Buyer menu located at the top of your Astro homepage, and scroll down and Select Available Astro Frequent Buyer.

            Step Three:
            If you do not see the manufacturer program that you are looking for click on Request a Program located at the top of the list of available programs.
            Click on Request a Program.
            Step Four: 
            This will bring you to a text box where you can enter the specifics of the program you were looking for. Please include as much info as you can. This will save time. Check out our Program Build Options here. Please reference the Option and any Rules you would like in your request.

            For Example: [Brand Name] - Buy [X] Get [Y] [Free/Discount] - Option [A, B, C or D]  [Size/Weight] - Rule [Least Value, Most Frequent, Purchased Prior] - Time Limit [X] months.

            Or you can write out exactly what you would like.
            For Example:
            Name of the brand/brands of food/treats/supplements/etc.
            Name of the parent company. (e.g. Champion makes Acana and Orijen)
            The Types of items you want to include in the program. (e.g. Kibble, cans, freeze-dried, treats, frozen raw, supplements, etc)
            Buy X Get Y Free
            How would you like the cards Categorized? (e.g. according to species, kind of food, weight, etc) 
            Are there any Rules you would like applied? (e.g. Lesser or equal value free, purchases must be within x months, etc)
            How would you like your batch reports Fulfilled? (e.g. Distributor Fulfilled or Retailer Fulfilled)
            If you want to report to distribution please include the name of your distributor and your manufacturer rep's name and contact info.
            The key is to be as detailed as possible.
            Final Step:
            Click Submit Request.

            This will send a ticket to the Help Desk to our support staff. You should expect a response within 24 hours. From here we will instruct you how to proceed. 

            How is a Tracking Program different from an Official Astro program?

            What is an Official Program?
            These are the programs that are published and available to all of our members. They are all Distributor or Direct Fulfilled. Astro guarantees that you will get credit back for items redeemed through these programs. The reason we can guarantee fulfillment is because we secure fulfillment by confirming with the manufacturer that the program is built to their exact parameters and that the distributors we link to the program as fulfillment partners agree in advance to write credits for free goods. The manufacturers also fully sanction their programs and their publication on Astro. There are also contracts in place that protect the data you generate when your customers participate in these programs, this ensures that the data generated cannot be used by these brands to contact your customers and direct their business elsewhere. These programs are also all included in your Frequent Buyer subscription, along with the marketing materials that you can use to promote them.

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