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            Text Message | How to Send an Opt-In SMS Text Message to a Customer

            Privacy laws require that you receive a verbal "yes" from a customer before you send a Text Message to their phone. This is the law that prevents our cell phones from being blown up by unsolicited marketing texts unlike our home phones which are blown up by "sales" calls about extended warranties and student loan consolidation all day. 

            How to Send an Opt-In Text while Checking Out a Customer

            Astro has devised a way to help you send these Opt-In Text Messages in a quick and easy manner while you are checking out your customer at the register. This way you both can have a nice chat about your upcoming promotions.

            Then when they get all excited about your current promos and say,
            "Oh man, that's so cool! I wish I knew about that before today."
            you can say,
            "Well, guess what, we now have a way to send quick text alerts right to your phone whenever we have something eventful going on at the store. Would you be interested in signing up for those alerts? You can cancel anytime just by replying STOP, but don't worry, we only send texts when something truly great is going on."

            At this point, when your customer agrees to try it out all you need to do is open up their Pet Owner Information by either clicking on their email address below their name at the top left of the checkout screen, or if there is no email you can click where it says No Email on File which would also show up below their name. 
            Click on their email address or No Email on File to open Pet Owner Information
            This will open a pop-up where you can add or edit their contact information. If they do not already have a phone number on file you can add it for them at this point. 
            Make sure that you confirm with them that the phone number they are giving you is able to receive Text Messages.

            You will need to enter all 10 digits of their phone number. Do not include the leading 1 or the dashes. Once you have the number entered in the field it will say Valid - Save for more options below the mobile number field. At this point you need to click the green button that says Save Pet Owner.

            Now you will see a grey button appear that says Send SMS Opt In. Click that button to send the text. Your customer should receive a text on their phone in a matter of moments. Let your customer know that they will need to reply YES to the text to opt themselves in.
            You can also take this time to add an email address if they do not have one entered yet. Then you can send them the Verification Email which will include links to download the Free Mobile App. They can then use this app to follow along with their Frequent Buyer Card and see what Offers you have available. You can also send them Push Notifications

            Once your customer has received their text you can click where it says Click Here to close or click the X in the top right. 

            When your customer has successfully opted in to SMS Messaging you will see the phone icon below their name with turn from Yellow to Green. In the example below the customer's icon is still yellow since they have not replied YES to their SMS Opt In Text. 

            These icons are a quick and easy way for you to tell at a glance if your customer has signed up to receive Text, Email, or (Mobile App) Push Notifications from you. The paw icon will show you if they have any pet information on file.

            How to Send an Opt-In Text from the Customer Menu

            If you are unable to send an Opt-In Text to your customer while you are checking them out you can send them a text from the Customer menu. 
            We do recommend that if you use this method to send your Opt-In Texts that you keep a signup sheet by your register so your customers can sign their name and fill in their mobile phone number. This will serve as your proof you had their permission before you sent the Opt-In Text. 
            At the end of the day, or week, or however frequently you want to do this. You can take your signup sheet and look each customer up under the Customer menu on your Astro homescreen. Once you have found the customer you are looking for click on their Name to open up their details. 

            First you can take a mental note of the color of the SMS icon to determine this customer's status. 
            Red = No Mobile Number on File / Yellow = Mobile Number on File but has Not Opted In / Green = Has Opted-In to SMS
            If the icon is not Green click on the Edit Customer button. This will bring up the Pet Owner Information Pop-up so you can add any information that is missing and send the Opt-In Text. This is the same pop-up that is accessible from the Checkout Screen. Make sure to click Save Pet Owner before closing the pop-up. 
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