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            Template Creator

            If Campaigns were a sandwich, Templates would be the meat (or hummus for my veggie friends out there). The Template Creator houses the tools you need to design the content of your Campaigns and gives you a place to store your customized Templates for future use.

            These Templates are able to morph themselves automatically based on the type of media Campaign you are sending. For instance, if you are sending a single Campaign via both SMS Text and Email it can utilize the same Template - there is no need to make media specific templates.

            You can make your own Templates from scratch, or you can customize one of our professional prefabricated Astro Templates.

            Template Tutorial Video

            Overview of the Features and Tools included in your Template Creator

            Your Template Creator Dashboard has three main sections. 
            1. Select Existing Template
            2. Browse Astro Templates
            3. Load Image Library

            Select Existing Template

            When you create your own Template from scratch or customize one of Astro's predesigned Templates they will appear on this drop-down menu so they can be accessed and utilized quickly. Below your drop-down you have several action items that will help you manage and use your Templates. 


            This will attach one of your pre-made Templates to a New Campaign.

            First you will need to select the Template you want to use from your list of existing Templates. Then select Campaigns to attach that Template to a new Campaign. Then you can start to construct your Campaign

            On the first page, Campaign Setup Step 1, you can assign a Campaign Title, add one of your premade Customer Lists to the Recipient List refresh that List if needed, select the method or multiple methods of communication you wish to use (Email, Push Notification, Text) under Communication Type, add a From name if you will be sending your campaign via email, choose your Subject, then Save and Continue to move onto the next page.

            One the second page, Campaign Setup Step 2, you will be able to Edit your Template if needed, add a Campaign Association, Edit Template Footer, and Send a Preview to yourself so you can review it before sending.

            At the bottom of this page there is an Actions section. If you are ready to send your campaign you can select Save and Queue for Sending. If you are not quite finished and want to return to it later select Save As Draft. Or you can select Back to Step 1 to return to the previous page.


            This will allow you to view one of your existing Templates. From here you will be able to View your Template, Send a Preview message to yourself for review, and Edit your existing Template. 

            First select a Template you wish to View, Preview, or Edit from your Existing Template drop-down menu and then select Load from your Actions bar.

            If you would like to Preview your existing Template before you distribute it via Campaigns select Send Preview. This will bring up a field where you can input any email address that you would like to send the Preview to.

            To Save any changes that you made to your existing Template select Save & Finished upon completion. If no changes were made this would be what you select to Exit this screen.

            If you would like to keep your original Template as it was and save any changes you made as a New Template select Save As. This will allow you to give your New Template its own name and your Existing Template will remain in its original condition under its original name so both can be used later if need be.

            If you decide against any of the changes that you made select Cancel Changes to return the Existing Template back it its original design. It will only revert the Template back to what it looked like before you select Load to view it, it will not undo any changes that were Saved on a previous occasion.


            This Action item will take an Existing Template of your choosing and make an exact copy of it.

            First select an Existing Template that you wish to copy and select Copy from the Actions bar.

            Now you can edit your newly copied Template. Your Template will be titled "Copy of [Name of Original Template]" but you can change that title to anything you like. Once you have finished renaming and adjusting your Template select Save & Finished. Then it will join your list of Existing Templates.


            To create a brand new Template from scratch select New from the Action bar. Here you can use the Standard Elements and the Promotion/Offer Elements to add Images and Text to your Template. Once you have it the way you like it give it a Name and select Save & Finished.

            Check out this article for more details on How to Design your very own Custom Template.


            To delete one of your Existing Templates select the Template from your drop-down menu and select Delete from your Actions bar. The delete is permanent so you will be asked to confirm the deletion before it is finalized. Make sure that you are not deleting a Template before its corresponding Campaign is sent.

            Browse Astro Templates

            Have you ever wished that you had your own Marketing Team? Well guess what, now you do!

            Our Astro Templates are designed by marketing professionals who know how to put your ideals into words and images that your customers are sure to respond to. These Templates truly inspire creativity and will bring forth the marketing genius that you knew was within you all along. 

            There are a couple different styles of Astro Templates. They all include images and descriptions of Frequent Buyer Programs and Offers, while some include a little extra.
            1. Some are purely focused on the Promotion of your Offers and Programs and will be straight and to the point and are perfect for Quick Campaigns.
            2. Some include brief sections with some helpful Advice about pet health and nutrition.
            3. Several include Personal messages that you can edit to convey to your customers how dedicated you are to making sure their pets are happy and healthy.
            4. Others are longer and designed as Newsletters. They include sections containing tips and facts about pet safety, health, lifestyle, nutrition, etc that can be helpful to your customers. Paired with Automation (coming soon!) they can become the foundation of your very own Monthly Newsletter! See the image below for a snippet of one of these Newsletter style Astro Templates. 
            Astro Templates are all editable and fully customizable. You can add your store's logo, edit the text with your own details, and the info you added to your Email Footer Configuration will be added automatically. The text fields even include content suggestions and provide instructions for how you can customize those fields right there on the Astro Template!

            Our Marketing Team will be uploading new Astro Templates regularly so check back here often to see what's new!

            When you find an Astro Template that you like select Import.
            Astro Template titled "Enewsletter 4 Offers"

            After you Import the Astro Template becomes your Template. All the hard work has already been done, all you need to do is add your finishing touches to make it your own. When you are finished and happy select Save & Finish. Then give yourself a pat on the back, seriously! You just finished creating a professional Template that is about to become a professional Campaign that is sure to WOW your customers!

            If you are interested in learning more about how to edit these Astro Templates once you have Imported them checkout this article: How to Design, Edit and Customize an Astro Template.

            Load Image Library

            The Load Image Library contains several subsections or folders. All of them house promotional images that can be added to your Templates. You can also download the images and add them to your websites, or you can print them as use them as shelf talkers in your store.

            MFG Program Library

            All of the Promotional Product Images associated with the Offers and Frequent Buyer Programs that you are enrolled in will be accessible under the MFG Program Library. These are the same Product Images that you see when you first enroll in a program, and are the same images used to promote your programs on your Marketing Suite.

            MFG Logo Library

            The brand logos that appear on your enrolled Frequent Buyer and Offer Programs and Cards are stored in the MFG Logo Library

            Astro Library

            The Astro Library contains additional promotional images that we collect from our manufacturer / vendor partners as well as the images that are used on our pre-designed Astro Templates.

            My Library

            This is where you can upload your own promotional images so they can be added to your Templates.

            I would definitely add pictures of all of your employees' pets to this folder. Especially if your pet hangs out at your store and greets all your customers. Our Astro Templates already include some awesome pictures of pets and their people, but if you have some great pics of everyone's favorite shopdog or shopcat they can replace those stock images with a familiar face and create a more personal touch. 

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