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            Shelf Talkers | Who Makes Them & How to Get Them

            Our manufacturer partners have gotten more and more involved with the promotion of their Frequent Buyer programs and Offers on Astro. Several have started to come out with digital shelf talkers that you will be able to print and display in your store right next to the items they are currently promoting. Most of these manufacturers will be sending their promotional materials to you directly via your reps. Astro will also be adding them to a Drive folder just in case you missed the email from your rep. 

            Astro does not have any branded shelf talkers since the whole point of our service is to promote you and the brands you carry, not us. If you would like shelf talkers for any other brands that you carry please reach out to the manufacturer or your rep directly. They have the resources required to make you some banging, eye catching, displays to get your customers excited about your programs and promotions. (Trust and believe, you do not want me making you shelf talkers, they would be cute - like hang on the refrigerator cute - but I don't think that is what you are looking for 😊)

            If you want, you can add promotional materials pertaining to Astro Offers and Frequent Buyer programs to the folder linked above. Just keep them classy and applicable to all of our members.
            Astro is all about working together to build up the independent retailer in the face of the big box and online retailer, so let's work together and share ideas to show off why we are better than the rest!
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