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            Removing/Editing a Redemption

            How to Remove or Edit a Redemption

            If you haven't yet selected Finished you can simply click on Undo Redemption and save the redemption for next time or enter a different item.
            You can click on Undo Redemption if you haven't yet selected Finished

            If you have already selected Finished and sealed the transaction you will need to go through a different process.

            How to Remove/Edit the Redeemed Item (Step 1-5)
            How to Remove/Edit Redeemed Item & Qualifying Items (Step 1-9)

            Step One:
            Go to the Customer Lookup Screen and type in the customer's name and click Select. Then choose the customer you are searching for from the list that appears under the search box.

            Step Two:
            Once you are under the customer's checkout screen click on History.
            Click on History
            Step Three:
            This will take you to a list of all the customer's completed cards. Find the card that you need to edit. You will notice that the cards that have been recently redeemed have a button on them that says Undo.
            Click on Undo

            Optional: If you need to see the transactions in greater detail you can click on the Expand Details Button.
            Click on Expand Details to see all Transactions

            Step Four:
            Click on the Undo button. A popup will appear and you will be presented with three options. Remove and Reselect is the best choice if all you need to do is select a different item to redeem. (In this case you meant to select Orijen Original instead of Orijen Adult). If you need to go back even further and edit any of the qualifying items (checks on the card) select Remove Only
            Choose the option that applies to your situation.
            Step Five Remove and Reselect:
            If you selected Remove and Reselect the Redemption popup will reappear and you can either scan in the item you wish to redeem, or select the item from the drop down menu. Once everything looks in order click Redeem Item. Double check that everything is correct again, and if all is well, click Finished.
            Click Finished to complete the transaction.

            Step Five Remove Only:
            If you need to go back further and edit the qualifying items select Remove Only. This will remove the redeemed item and bring you back to the Finished screen. Now click on the  Return to Checkout button.
            Click on Return to Checkout

            Step Six:
            Now you will find the card back under the Customer Checkout screen. Mouse over the check marks and find the transaction that you wish to remove.
            Mouse over the checks until you find the transaction.

            The most recent transaction will appear as the first check on the card, not the last. So Expand the Card Details to be sure you find the right one.

            Step Seven:
            Click on the transaction. A popup will appear, select Remove Transaction.
            Select Remove Transaction
            Step Eight:
            Now you can add the item that you meant to add as a qualifying item, either scan it in or click on the empty punch and find the item on the drop down menu.
            Now scan in the item you wish or click on the empty punch slot.
            Step Nine:
            Once the card is full of checks you can select Checkout at the left of your screen and redeem the card like you normally would. After redeeming the free item and you are sure everything is correct, you can select Finished

            If you need a more in-depth walkthrough of how to redeem a card you can check out this article.

            Updated: 06 Oct 2017 03:10 AM
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