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            Quick Start Guide

            Getting started with Astro is quick and easy. We've put together a couple of resources to help you get started.

            Getting Started Checklist

            1. Watch Introductory Training  Videos 
            These videos will go over everything from enrolling in programs, adding customers, checking out customers, automated reporting, adding employee users, and how to access our help desk.
            If you do not see a Frequent Buyer Program on our Available Astro Frequent Buyer List that you were hoping for don't give up! There is a way to Request a Program by clicking the link and filling out the form at the top of the Available List of programs. There is an excellent chance that a program for the brand you want may be available on our Secret Menu as a Private Program requiring your brand rep's approval. Or if there is no Private version available we may have a Retailer Fulfilled Tracking Program that we can link to your account. 
            3. Practice Checking Out Customers using Sally Pet Owner
            Sally Pet Owner is going to be your best friend and your best customer! Her Pet Owner account is not linked to our automated reporting, so if you redeem a frequent buyer card on her Pet Owner account it will not report to your distributor as a real redemption.

            Remember: Your Free Trial is completely live. So any cards that you redeem on any Pet Owner accounts that you add for your customers will report to your distributors as real redemptions and will be processed for credit. 

            We strongly recommend that you add a Cashier User for checking out customers. Their interface is much simpler and it keeps your Admin User free to perform Admin tasks such as enrolling in programs and reviewing reports.

            5. How were you tracking your Frequent Buyer before switching to Astro? Paper Cards? Digital Cards on another tracking program similar to Astro? POS System? Now that you have the foundation of your account in place we can determine the best method for converting your customers' current Frequent Buyer progress to Astro.
            If you were using a digital program to track your customers Frequent Buyer cards before joining Astro please contact Support and let us know what program you were using. Then we can discuss any digital conversion options you may have available to you.

            If you need any help getting started select "Contact Astro Agent" from the red banner at the top of your Astro homepage. Clicking the red Help button will bring you to our Knowledge Base which is full of helpful articles and walkthroughs.

            Updated: 09 Jan 2020 12:57 AM
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