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            Membership Subscription for the Astro Loyalty Marketing Suite

            Creating a successful marketing platform shouldn't cost a paw and a leg. With the Astro Loyalty Marketing Suite get ready so get so much more for so much less. 

            Marketing Suite Membership Pricing

            Your membership fee is based on how many customers you have on your Astro Pet Owner List. When you sign up for the 15-day Marketing Suite Free Trial it will tell you what level you are at currently. There are 5 levels. 
            1. Level One: 1 - 500 Pet Owner Accounts = $35/month
            2. Level Two: 501 - 2,000 Pet Owner Accounts = $45/month
            3. Level Three: 2,001 - 5,000 Pet Owner Accounts = $65/month
            4. Level Four: 5,001 - 9,999 Pet Owner Accounts = $85/month
            5. Level Five: 10,000+ Pet Owner Accounts = Astro will contact you.
            If you have more than one location on your Astro account your monthly membership fee will be whatever your Pet Owner Account level is plus $5 per each sublocation. So let's say I have an Astro account with 2 locations (1 master location and one sub-location) and 1,545 Pet Owner accounts, then my monthly membership fee would be $45 (level two) plus $5 (for my one sub-location) so that puts me at $50/month. 

            So what does my monthly subscription get me? 
            1. Unlimited Email Campaigns
            2. Unlimited Push Notification Campaigns
            3. Unlimited Quick Campaigns
            4. Unlimited My Promotions
            5. Marketing Lists
            6. Template Generator
            7. Professional Astro Turnkey Templates
            8. Customizable Customer Mobile App
            Astro will automatically adjust your membership fee as your Pet Owner List grows (yay! more customers) or shrinks (usually as a result of tidying up, merging duplicate accounts or combining same household accounts) and will bill you accordingly.

            Tip - If you want some help tidying up your Pet Owner List so you aren't paying for customers that are no longer shopping at your store, the best tool to help you get started is actually right here within your new Marketing Suite. Under the Lists section of your Marketing Suite Dashboard you can generate a customer list based on your customers' frequency of visits to your store. The filters you will need to make this list are under the Store Visits section, specifically the filter Last Visit should do the trick. It is up to you how far back you go, 2 years would be a good place to start. Personally, I wouldn't remove anyone that has an email address on their account because you may be able to entice them back in now that you have an awesome way to communicate with them! We recommend that you send these customers at least one Campaign message, and reviewing the success of the Campaign before removing them from your Pet Owner List.
            SMS Text Message Pricing

            Your SMS Text Number and the ability to draft SMS Text Campaigns is included in your Marketing Suite Membership. It's sending those Texts that will cost a little extra. There is no way around this since Text messages have to be sent via mobile phone carriers and they charge their fees up front.

            Each Text Message segment sent or received will cost $0.035.

            Note about SMS pricing:  One segment equals each sent text message and received text message.  For example, if a retailer sends a text message to a customer, that equals one segment. If the customer responds to the text message including opt-outs, that also equals a segment. Astro sends an automated message to replies that this number does not monitor replies please contact your retailer directly. If a customer ignores those automated messages and continues to reply to the text it will halt their ability to reply after 4 texts. 

            We have a simple way to help you manage the replenishment of your Text Credits once the stores become low.

            Under your Marketing Suite Settings there is a section for SMS Text Configuration. Here you can choose how many Text Credits you want to purchase once your Text Credit Total dips below a certain amount. This way you can be sure that you never run out of Text Credits. You can also purchase Text Credits before or while sending a SMS Text Campaign as well. 

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