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            POS Integration Addons & API Integration Methods

            POS Integration Addons & API Integration Methods

            Astro Loyalty is developing integration software for several prominent, cloud-based, Point of Sale systems. Some are officially released by Astro, while others are still undergoing testing and are available to our retailers with limited support. 

            We have designed our integration software to allow your POS to communicate with Astro, but Astro will not communicate with your POS. After you scan your customer's purchases into your POS the integration, when prompted by you, will add your customer's frequent buyer and offer purchases to their account in Astro; without the need to look up the customer in Astro or scan their items a second time. 
            Since Astro does not communicate with your POS - when rewards are earned by your customers you still regain full control over how you apply those rewards to your customer's purchases. 

            Officially Released Integration Software Addons 

            These software addons are available to all Astro members, they have undergone thorough testing by both Astro Loyalty and volunteer retailers just like you. If you are interested in enabling one of these addons please request it from If there is a fee associated with enabling any of them we will let you know beforehand - but at this time there is none. Please review the walk-through and training guides before enabling and contact support with any questions.

            Integration Software Addons Undergoing Testing 

            These software addons are selectively available to Astro members who agree to test the software and use it with minimal support from our staff. We strongly recommend that you have a firm understanding of how Astro functions without any integration software before enabling any of these addons. Make sure to thoroughly examine each transaction to make sure the integration added it to Astro properly. Any errors that occur can be corrected manually, just as you would if you were scanning the items into Astro. Please report any glitches that you find to We cannot guarantee that we will be able to correct those glitches right away though. We can always disable the integration addon if you decide it's not for you. We do not charge any additional fees for running addons which are still being tested. If you are interested in enabling integration for one of the following POS systems please reach out to us at

            Pinogy, eTailPet & PetShop360 are our preferred POS Systems if you are looking to integrate your POS with Astro.

            Integration Software Addons in Development

            These software addons are still in development. They are not available in any capacity to our members at this point. If you would like to see your POS listed here please let us know. In order for us to develop integration software for a POS system it needs to be cloud-based, meaning if you have to log into a website on your internet browser in order to access your POS system there is a good chance we can write integration for it. However, if your POS is comprised of either hardware or software located on the hard-drive of your computer, we cannot write integration for it at this time. 

            Integrating with Astro Loyalty via URL Query String

            The easiest method of integration with the Astro Loyalty Platform is using the URL Query String method. The POS system simply needs to open a web browser to the Astro Loyalty Query URL and pass the relevant information to Astro via the Query String. This allows the Astro Loyalty platform to manage all the program rules and redemption rules and requires the least amount of application development on with the POS system. Below is the URL and query string parameters.

            Query String Authentication Parameters:

            apiusername – The Astro API Username as provide under My API Credentials in the Astro platform
            apipassword – The Astro API Password as provided under My API Credentials in the Astro platform

            Query String Customer Parameters:

            CustomerID – The POS unique customer id
            FirstName – The POS Customer First Name
            LastName – The POS Customer Last Name
            Email - The POS Customer Email Address
            Phone – The POS Customer Phone (optional)

            Query String Transaction Parameters:

            UPC# = UPC for item, can be repeated as necessary using the format UPC1, UPC2, UPC3, etc...
            Description# = Corresponding description of item, again repeated as necessary using Description1,
            Description2, etc...
            Qty# = Corresponding item qty, repeated as necessary using Qty1, Qty2, Qty3
            SubTotal = Transaction subtotal. Optional field used if Retailer is using Astro Loyalty Reward Points

            If you have a programming team at your disposal that will be able to help you set this up we have provided a PDF attachment to this article that you can download and send to your programmer.

            Integration with Astro via Rest API

            If your POS system has the capability of integrating via a Rest API please email and request that we enable the Rest API on your account. Once we do this you will be able to use the same username and password that you use to login to Astro directly as your Rest API username and password.
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