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            POS Integration Addons & API Integration Methods

            POS Integration Addons & API Integration Methods

            Astro Loyalty is developing integration software for several prominent, cloud-based, Point of Sale systems. Some are officially released by Astro, while others are still undergoing testing and are available to our retailers with limited support. 

            We have designed our integration software to allow your POS to communicate with Astro, but Astro will not communicate with your POS. After you scan your customer's purchases into your POS the integration, when prompted by you, will add your customer's frequent buyer and offer purchases to their account in Astro; without the need to look up the customer in Astro or scan their items a second time. 
            Since Astro does not communicate with your POS - when rewards are earned by your customers you still regain full control over how you apply those rewards to your customer's purchases. 

            Officially Released Integration Software

            These software addons are available to all Astro members, they have undergone thorough testing by both Astro Loyalty and volunteer retailers just like you. If you are interested in enabling one of these addons please request it from If there is a fee associated with enabling any of them we will let you know beforehand - but at this time there is none. Please review the walk-through and training guides before enabling and contact support with any questions.

            POS Companies Partnered with Astro

            These POS Companies partnered with Astro and together we developed the integration pieces provided. System integration literally means more than one system working coming together to function seamlessly as one, so logically the best system integrations are developed when both partners contribute to the design and the support of the system. These companies will provide you with full tech support whenever questions arise concerning their system's integration with Astro. The links provided below will take you to the articles in our Astro Knowledge Base that cover the setup and use of these systems. 
            We are so thrilled and truly honored that so many amazing POS Companies choose to partner with us and whose programmers worked so hard with us to develop integration with Astro! That being said, the final piece of the puzzle is to provide you with the tools you need to properly utilize these systems. We are still actively working on getting our support articles written and published, so bear with us while we continue to update these links and add new ones.
            • Pinogy- Stunningly integrated with Astro. Full integration with no bouncing back and forth between platforms. Everything you need to know about your customer's Astro Pet Owner account is right there on your Pinogy checkout screen. Pinogy even applies the discount to your sale, records the Reward ID on the receipt, and calculates the tax owed on free goods for you so now you can be sure you are abiding by your state's coupon tax laws.
            • eTail Pet - Currently has an attention grabbing fully integrated eCommerce platform with a fully integrated POS system coming soon! Your customers will be able to purchase from your online store and choose in-store pickup or delivery (optional) -it's time to get that cool 70s painted van you always wanted! They can add purchases to their frequent buyer cards and redeem their completed cards all from the comfort of home. 
            • PetShop360 - Another gorgeously designed fully integrated system. PetShop360 has got your back so no punch or redemption is ever forgotten. This is a another system that requires no bouncing back and forth between platforms. 
            • Springboard - This integrated system is also lovingly designed to provide you with the best of both worlds- Astro Account status on the sale tab in the POS and the ability to access Astro from your POS easily. While checking out a customer in Springboard you will see the details of their Astro account at the bottom of your sale tab. From there you can see their Points Total and whether or not they have a Reward waiting for them. This system invites you to join it as it imports your customer's purchases to Astro so you and the customer both see their activity added to their Astro account. While you are in Astro you can send Welcome Emails inviting the customer to download the Free Mobile App and Opt-In SMS Text Messages.
            • Vend- Vend has developed an intuitively integrated system that both shows you your customers' Astro frequent buyer card while you are checking them out in Vend and it allows you to go into Astro to add purchases to your customer's cards and redeem their cards in Astro. 

            POS Companies Friendly with Astro

            These POS Companies are considered friends of Astro but they are not considered full partners with Astro. They will help you troubleshoot API issues if they arise but they cannot provide full tech support and training in regards to the integration we designed to help their retailers integrate with Astro.
            • Lightspeed Retail - Lightspeed offers API integration for their retailers. We have utilized this API to provide you with integration that will import your customers' real-time transactions into Astro. This integration does require a strong human element to make sure purchases are accurately recorded, cards are redeemed and discounts are applied. We have several articles available to help you enable and utilize this integration but we strongly encourage that you have a full understanding of how to use Astro independently of the integration just in case you need to make manual adjustments.
            • Retail Pro - Retail Pro has made their own plugin style integration using our Rest API. They offer a partial integration that will import a customer's purchases to Astro in real time during a live transaction. The process is rather simple. You look up the customer in Retail Pro and add them to the sale receipt, ring up their purchases as you would normally, then click the Astro Loyalty Button at the bottom of your screen, this will look the customer up in Astro, bring up their account and add any qualifying Frequent Buyer and Offer purchases to their cards. At this point the cashier will need to review the import to make sure the customer's purchases were recorded correctly. If the customer has earned a reward they are able to redeem the card manually in Astro. Upon Finishing they are returned to Retail Pro to finalize their sale.

            Integration Software Addons Undergoing Testing 

            These software addons are selectively available to Astro members who agree to test the software and use it with minimal support from our staff. We strongly recommend that you have a firm understanding of how Astro functions without any integration software before enabling any of these addons. Make sure to thoroughly examine each transaction to make sure the integration added it to Astro properly. Any errors that occur can be corrected manually, just as you would if you were scanning the items into Astro. Please report any glitches that you find to We cannot guarantee that we will be able to correct those glitches right away though. We can always disable the integration addon if you decide it's not for you. We do not charge any additional fees for running addons which are still being tested. If you are interested in enabling integration for one of the following POS systems please reach out to us at
            Pinogy, eTailPet & PetShop360 are our preferred POS Systems if you are looking to integrate your POS with Astro.

            Integration Software Addons in Development

            These software addons are still in development. They are not available in any capacity to our members at this point. If you would like to see your POS listed here please let us know. In order for us to develop integration software for a POS system it needs to be cloud-based, meaning if you have to log into a website on your internet browser in order to access your POS system there is a good chance we can write integration for it. However, if your POS is comprised of either hardware or software located on the hard-drive of your computer, we cannot write integration for it at this time. 

            Integrating with Astro Loyalty via URL Query String

            Another method of integration with the Astro Loyalty Platform is via a URL Query String method. The POS system simply needs to open a web browser to the Astro Loyalty Query URL and pass the relevant information to Astro via the Query String. This allows the Astro Loyalty platform to manage all the program rules and redemption rules and requires the least amount of application development on with the POS system. Below is the URL and query string parameters.
            If you have a programming team at your disposal that will be able to help you set up a Query String API style integration we have provided a PDF attachment to this article that you can download and send to your programmer.

            Integration with Astro via Rest API

            If your POS system has the capability of integrating via a Rest API please email and request that we enable the Rest API on your account. Once we do this you will be able to use the same username and password that you use to login to Astro directly as your Rest API username and password.
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