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            My Custom Programs

            What is a Custom Program?

            A Custom Program is any loyalty program that operates outside of a manufacturer sponsored program or offer. Most commonly these include programs for grooming, self service dog washes, nail trimming & other services, as well as programs for smaller feeder animals such as crickets.

            How is Custom Program different from a Tracking Program?

            Custom Programs are predominantly meant to track in-house promotions for services offered at your store. They do generate reports that you can export for your records, but they do not generate reports that are meant to be sent to a fulfillment partner. Tracking Programs are your best option if you are tracking a promotion for brand goods that you are hoping to have your redemptions reimbursed to you later as credits. Tracking Programs generate reports under Retailer Free Goods Credit Batches, which is a reporting portal that is designed to help you report your redemptions to an outside party.

            What Types of Custom Programs are Available?

            There are several main styles of Custom Programs available to you currently. Some can reward goods and services while others can reward cash back based on dollars spent on specific goods and services.

            Custom Program to Reward Goods and Services

            These programs require the customer to buy a certain number of somethings in order to receive a number of those somethings for free or at a discount. This is best for programs where you want a customer to be able to redeem a specific something. Here are some examples:
            1. Buy 10 Self Serve Washes and Get 1 Self Serve Wash for Free
            2. Buy 10 Small Dog Self Washes and Get 1 Small Dog Self Wash for Free
            3. Buy Any 5 Grooming Services and Get $10 Off your Next Grooming Appointment
            4. Volunteer at 6 Rescue Events and Receive 10% Off your next Purchase
            5. Buy 4 Large Boxes of our Bakery Treats and Get a Free Pet Wash
            As you can see you can reward anything that you want to your customers. As for the way that the program tracks they can either allow your customer to mix different purchases or actions on the same card, or they must buy all of the same of something in order to get one of that same some for free or at a discount, or the customer can buy several of one thing and receive something completely different as their reward.

            Custom Program to Reward Cash Back on Purchases

            This program allows you to track specific purchases and rewards a predetermined % cash back reward. For example, let's say you wanted to reward cash back on all Grooming Service Purchases. We would add your services to the program as purchase items; Small Dog Groom, Large Dog Groom, Nail Trim, etc. Then you designate the fraction of a dollar that you want to reward the customer for each dollar they spend on these services;  so if you want 5% Cash Back it would be 0.05. Then you need to designate how many purchases you want your customer to have to make in order to redeem their earned cash back. Then every time a customer comes in and purchases one of these services you ring them up for that service then record the dollar amount they are paying for that service. Astro will record the Purchase Credit on the card as a green punch, it will also save the total amount of dollars your customer has spent with you and the amount of cash back they have earned so far. Then when the customer has filled their card you can redeem it to close it and reward them their earned cash back as a credit either on their account or as a discount applied to their next purchase. 

            How to setup a Custom Program

            You will need to send your Custom Program request to Make sure to include specifics on how you would like your program to track and how you would like it to reward free goods to your customers. 
            1. Would you like a program to reward goods and services or one to reward cash back on dollars spent?
            2. How many purchases do you want your customer to make to earn their reward?
            3. What is their reward?
            4. What would you like to call your program, what would you like your description to be? This can be edited later if you change your mind.
            5. What are the qualifying items included in the program? Please list all of these items out, and if they have item numbers in your POS include those as well. 
            If you are using one of our integration services this program will be able to integrate with your POS as long as the item numbers we assign to the purchase items in Astro match the UPCs assigned to your items in your POS's inventory. If you do not have a number saved in the UPC field in your POS inventory copy the system ID number that your POS assigned to the item into the item's UPC field.

            Once we have your program/s built you will be able to maintain them, edit them, edit/add new items to them, and add images that your customers will see if they go to your My Astro Webpage or you send them an email with the link 

            Updated: 07 Jun 2019 06:19 AM
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