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            Customer Marketing Lists Overview & Quickstart Guide


            Have you ever thought, 
            "I wish I could just contact specific customers with more personalized campaigns" 
            "I wish there was a way to know how many customers are due a free bag right now and who those customers are". 
            Well now you can do this and more! 

            Customer Lists will allow you to generate specific lists of customers based on filters that you apply to your master list of Pet Owner accounts. 
            1. You can compile lists based on the Frequent Buyer or Offers they have or are participating in, pet birthdays, whether they are close to or have earned a free good, the volume of items they purchase, and so on. 
            2. You can also filter according to the Custom Pet Owner Tags that you apply to your customer's Pet Owner accounts. 
            3. These lists can then be applied to Campaigns so you can send these customers targeted information and promotions, or they can be used as tracking devices so you can keep up to date with your customers' activity. 
            4. The best thing about these list is they are refreshable! So there is no need to make new lists repeatedly, all you need to do is Refresh your saved lists to ensure they are accurate. 

            Quick Start Guide

            To start generating a New Customer List select Create New List. There are several filters that can be applied to your master Pet Owner List that will help narrow your Marketing List to only include specific customers.

            A simple place to start would be to generate more general lists, such as Pet Owners with Dogs, or Pet Owners with Cats. Then you can make more lists that are a little more specific. A good place to start would be to generate lists of customers who you think would be interested in your upcoming Astro Offers.

            Such as...
            1. What customers are participating in a Frequent Buyer Program for the same brand manufacturer who has an upcoming Offer? Or do you have customers that are participating in a Frequent Buyer Program that is promoting similar items, like Treats or Supplements? You can generate a list like this by selecting that brand's name from the Vendor Filter or selecting a specific Frequent Buyer Program on the Frequent Buyer Filter.
            2. What customers have pets that would benefit from my new Offers? These lists can be created using the Pet filters
            3. What customers are close to redeeming their Frequent Buyer Cards for a program that complements your Offers? It would be really cool if they could come in for their Free Bag and also get a really good deal on some Treats or Supplements. You can generate a list of these customers using the Punches Remaining Filter paired with a specific Frequent Buyer Filter.
            4. What about just a list of customers who you know have redeemed an Offer before, or a list of customers who have redeemed an Offer by the same brand manufactures as your upcoming Offers. This list can be generated using the Offers filter.
            All of those List examples and more can be made today!

            If you haven't been consistently recording Pet Information on your customer's Pet Owner Accounts you will not be able to generate a full list of Pet Specific Customers today, but one of the great things about the List Generator is that you can REFRESH your existing lists. So if you start adding Pet Info to your customer's accounts today and then Refresh your Pet Lists next week, volia! they will update and grow!

            *TIP* If you want to start requiring that your cashiers start collecting Pet Information when they add a New Customer this setting can be turned on under Customer Configuration & Settings

            Marketing List Generator Tutorial Video

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