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            Lightspeed Integration | 2 | Checking Out Customers

            How to Checkout a Customer using the Lightspeed Integration

            Now that your Lightspeed Integration is Enabled, and your Astro Loyalty Sales Button is created you can now start checking out customers. 

            Here is what your Sales Checkout Screen should look like in Lightspeed now. 

            Step One: Start Sale

            This will begin like any other sale in Lightspeed. Lookup/Add the customer to the sale. Then start scanning in their purchases. The integration will not work unless the sale is made on a customer's account in Lightspeed. 

            In this example we are going to use Sally Pet Owner. Sally is already one of your Astro customers, but she is not real and her frequent buyer purchases/redemptions will not report to your distributor. You can add her to your Lightspeed customer list if you would like to use her as a training tool. 

            Step Two: Astro

            Once all the customer's purchases are added to their sale in Lightspeed click the Astro Loyalty button. This will redirect you to your Astro account. If you are not logged into Astro yet you will be prompted to do so. Otherwise, you will be taken to the Customer Lookup screen. Astro will automatically search for the customer using their Last Name. You have a couple options here depending on whether or not you have a customer list in Astro. 

            No Customer List in Astro:

            Most will fall under this category. In this case just click "Create New Astro Account". 

            The integration will then enter your Lightspeed customer's information into Astro for you. First Name, Last Name, Email and Mobile Number. You can add any additional information to their account if you choose at this point. When everything is entered to your satisfaction select Save Petowner.

            Then you will find yourself in your customer's Astro checkout screen. Move onto Step Three.

            Already have a customer list in Astro:

            This is not very common unless you were using Astro before enabling the integration, or if you had us upload a customer list, or if you converted from another loyalty tracking service.
            Since the integration searches according to the customer's Last Name you will see a list of possible matches below the search bar. Astro will search for that name in the First Name, Last Name and Email of each customer on your Astro customer list. Scroll down until you see the customer account you are looking for and click Select

            If you are uncertain which customer account to Select you can remove the last name from the search bar and search according to Phone Number or Email Address. 
            Be careful to select the correct customer.

            Step Three: Customer's Account

            You have now linked this customer's Lightspeed account to their account in Astro. Now every time you click the Astro Loyalty button on their Sale screen in Lightspeed it will take you directly to this account in Astro. The integration will add all the items you scanned into Lightspeed to Astro under Today's Purchases. 

            The items will also be added to your customer's frequent buyer cards if they qualify for one of the programs you are enrolled in. 
            Select "Expand Details" to open the card to view list of transactions.
            If you are running a Loyalty Points program the integration will automatically add those points to the customer's Astro account based on the total dollars spent before taxes for that sale in Lightspeed. 

            If an item is part of a Frequent Buyer program that is available to you, but you are not enrolled, you will get an alert pop-up asking if you would like to enroll in that program. You can do so without leaving the checkout screen, then that purchase will be added to that program's frequent buyer card. 

            If an item does not qualify for a Frequent Buyer program or Offer it will label it as Unknown Item and give you the option to add it as an Exception. If there is no program to add it to just leave it alone, there is no need to select Remove. If there is no card to place it on it will simply go away. 
            Unknown Item

            If the transaction in Lightspeed was linked incorrectly to the account in Astro click the button that says "Incorrect Customer" located below the customer's name. This will remove the items you just added to Today's Purchases and bring you back to Lightspeed so you can click the Astro Loyalty button again and link the sale to the correct account. 
            The Incorrect Customer button located below the customer's name on their Astro Pet Owner account is in no way indicating that the customer accounts were linked incorrectly. Think of it as an "undo" button instead of an alert to something being wrong.

            Once you are confident that their qualifying purchases have been added correctly you can click "Checkout".

            Step Four: Astro Finished

            If more than one item was added to a frequent buyer card you will see the multi-purchase pop-up, select the appropriate reason from the drop-down menu to move forward. 
            If the customer qualifies for a redemption you will see a redemption pop-up. This article will address this process in detail. 
            Now you are under the Finish screen, aka the Redemption screen. Review their cards, make sure their qualifying items were added to their cards correctly. If you need to return to the checkout screen to make changes select "Return to Checkout" and you can make any needed adjustments manually. Once you are satisfied click Finished

            Step Five: Lightspeed Finish

            This will redirect you back to the customer's sale in Lightspeed. From here you can collect their payment and finalize their transaction. 

            Special Scenarios

            What Happens if the Astro Loyalty Button is Clicked More than Once in a Transaction?

            In the past, if the Astro Loyalty Button was clicked multiple times during the same transaction it would import the Lightspeed Sale into Astro each time creating duplicates. When we first designed the integration we did not take into account how often a customer would change their mind at the register and decide to add items to their purchase - this was the most common scenario where the button would be clicked twice. After receiving feedback from our retailers we have designed a solution and an update has been released [Update Release Date: 7/11/2019]

            Now if the button is clicked a second time in Lightspeed you will see the following in Astro:

            In the image above the customer purchased a Happy Cat Beef, you can see it on the card on punch slot 1 and under Today's Purchases. Then, after returning to Lightspeed from Astro, the cashier clicked the Astro Button a second time which imported the Happy Cat Beef item to Astro again. But instead of adding the item to the card as a second purchase, Astro has added it under Today's Purchases with an alert next to it and two button options to the right. The alert states "Possible Existing Transaction", the buttons offer an option to Add Anyway, which would add the item to the card as Purchase 2, or Remove which will confirm that the item should not be added to the card. 

            If the cashier doesn't click either button and clicks Checkout and Finished in Astro to return to Lightspeed,  Remove will be the default and the item will not be added to the card as a Purchase. To add the item as a purchase the cashier must click Add Anyway


            When you first Enabled your Lightspeed integration you were instructed to add an Astro Loyalty Button to both your Sale Tab and your Refund Tab in Lightspeed. The button URLs are exactly the same, but now Astro will recognize whether the item is being imported as a Sale or a Refund. 

            In this example the customer is returning two items by Monster Naturals. They have been added to the customer's account in Lightspeed under the Refund Tab. Once the items are added to Lightspeed the cashier should click the Astro Loyalty Button just as they would if it were a Sale. 

            This will take the cashier to the customer's Pet Owner account in Astro. 

            In the image above you will notice that Astro has found those two items on the customer's frequent buyer cards and has added them under Today's Returns. The cashier now has the option to remove them from the cards using the buttons provided. The cashier must click the Remove From Astro FBC button in order to confirm the return and remove the items from the cards otherwise they will remain on the cards as purchases. 

            Astro will remove the most recent purchase matching the item being returned. 

            Custom Loyalty Integrated Programs

            You can integrate both Custom Programs and Loyalty Points with your Lightspeed account just as you have done with Frequent Buyer.

            If you want your Astro Loyalty Points Program to integrate with Lightspeed check this out - How to Designate a Loyalty Event as a Lightspeed Event.

            The video below applies to retailers using Lightspeed who had either A) Their customer list uploaded into Astro, or B) Their customers and their transactions were uploaded into Astro when they converted from a different loyalty tracking program. 

            Frequently Asked Questions

            Every month we run internal promotions in our store so we have several items in our inventory that have discounts pre-applied to them. We are also running an Astro Loyalty Points program that is currently communicating with our sales in Lightspeed. Since the Loyalty Points in Astro are based on the Sub-total before a discount is applied, how do we keep from rewarding points for dollars our customers are not spending because they are receiving a discount? 

            There are two ways to handle this.
            1.) You can manually remove points from a customer's awarded total once in Astro by selecting Manage Loyalty Points and entering the actual total of points they should be receiving in the field. For instance, if their sub-total is 55, but they are getting a $5 discount you will enter 50 in the field. Then you will see their awarded total of points change under Today's Purchases. 
            You can also create an additional Points event that is not tethered to Lightspeed and use this program to apply negative points during a transaction. In this case you select Manage Loyalty Points and then enter a -5 in the field for this points event. The video embedded in the this article demonstrates this after the 4min mark.
            2.) If you would rather Astro reference the Total (after discounts and tax are applied) when rewarding points submit a ticket to desk and request this and we can turn this feature on for you. Keep in mind though, you will be rewarding your customers for tax dollars spent. 

            Updated: 13 Jan 2020 05:44 AM
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