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            Lightspeed Integration | 1 | Enabling Lightspeed

            In order for you to start using the Lightspeed > Astro Integration you will need to request it from Once we link the software to your account you will need to Enable it. We recommend doing this after you have developed a firm understanding of how Astro functions normally. Focus on how to Checkout Customers, Add New Customers, and Redeem Cards. After the integration is enabled you will still be able to interact with Astro manually so it is good to know how to Split Cards, Add an Exception, Convert Paper Cards during Checkout and Combine Duplicate Customers.

            Now that you are an Astro expert you can Enable your Lightspeed Integration

            Step One:
            You will need to be logged into Astro as an Administrator. Find Enable Lightspeed located under your Actions menu. 
            Click Enable LightSpeed

            Step Two:
            Now click the link provided, "Click Here".

            Step Three:
            This will open up a new tab showing the Lightspeed login screen where you can enter your Lightspeed username and password.

            Step Four:
            Select Authorize Application.

            Step Five:
            This will redirect you to Astro where you see detailed step by step instructions on how to create a new Button for Astro Loyalty on your Lightspeed account.

            You will need to create this button on both the Sale Tab and the Refund Tab. The button setup will be exactly the same on both tabs. The Sale button will add Frequent Buyer purchases to your customers' cards and it will reward them the appropriate amount of points based on their purchase if you are running Astro Points. The Refund button will remove the appropriate amount of points based on their return if you are running an Astro Points program, but it will not remove items from the customer's cards - the cashier will need to do this manually to ensure that the correct item they are returning is removed.

            Step Six:
            Now that the Lightspeed Integration is enabled you will be able to start checking out customers. These articles will explain how to do this, it is best to read them in order. 

            Lightspeed Integration Walkthrough | 4 | Past Purchase Import

            Frequently Asked Questions

            With Lightspeed, each employee has their own pin that they put in when doing a transaction, so when another employee goes to do a transaction they are being required to log into Astro again, even though the first employee already logged in. Is there any way to fix this?

            The Astro login is stored in a session variable (ie a cookie). For some reason, when you switch users in LS, that is lost which causes you to have to login to Astro again. However, if you create one username/login for all of your cashiers, How to Create a Cashier User, their login information can actually be added in the custom button URL.

            Here is the format:

            And yes that is a tilde separating the cashier username and password. In this example the cashier's Username is and their Password is myastropassword. Make sure you create your own unique username and password to replace those examples in the above URL.

            Replace the standard URL with your custom URL while editing your Astro Loyalty button in Lightspeed. Now when your cashiers click the button they will be automatically logged into Astro. Again, this ONLY works if they share a single Cashier User login for Astro.
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