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            Lightspeed Integration | Import History Addon | How to Import Prior Lightspeed Purchases to a Customer's Astro Pet Owner Account

            Import History Addon

            How do I get it if it is an Addon?

            If we haven't already turned it on for you reach out to us at and ask us to activate it for you. It is completely free to use.

            What is it for?

            Every time you click the Astro Loyalty button during a sale you are performing a real-time import for what the customer is purchasing during that sale. The Import History function was designed seek out prior Lightspeed purchases to help you fill in gaps that may occur if a cashier forgot to click the Astro Loyalty button to perform that real-time import while checking out a customer in Lightspeed. 

            What does it do?

            It performs a search for both the UPC and the Date of each qualifying frequent buyer purchase made by the specific customer whose Astro Pet Owner Account you are viewing, and then compares those two numbers to the corresponding UPCs and Dates belonging to all purchases that are already located on the customer's Frequent Buyer Cards. Then if it finds purchases that have not been added to either an unredeemed or redeemed Frequent Buyer Card it will give you the option to commit to the Import and add those purchases to your customer's cards. It is smart enough to not add the same purchase to a card twice. 

            If you have been adding missed purchases to cards manually after the day where that purchase actually occurred than you may run into duplicates.
            For instance, let's say Sally Pet Owner purchases a 12lb bag of MeNow Munchies today and you forgot to click the button during the sale. Then you remember the next day and add that 12lb bag to her card manually. If you decide to Import her history at a later date, the UPCs will match, but the Import will see a purchase as occurring in Lightspeed on 4/2/2019 and then they will see a punch on a card for 4/3/2019. Since the Dates do not match the Import will think that the purchase from 4/2 is still missing and it will offer to add it to the customer's card. 
            If you bring over a purchase that you decide you do not want to keep you can remove it by clicking on the corresponding green punch and selecting Remove.

            How should I use it?

            First lookup your customer in Lightspeed under the Sale Tab. You can either ring up their current purchases if they are making any, then click the Astro Loyalty button; or you can click the button and go straight into their account. 

            Then you will see the Import History button located below your customer's name on their Astro checkout screen.

            When you click on this button it will tell you when the last real-time import occured, which is the last time that a cashier clicked that Astro Loyalty button during a sale. If you select this date it will search for any transactions that occurred in Lightspeed between that date and the current one. If it finds anything it will present you with a list to review. 

            The best way to use Import History is to select the date of the last recorded Import. It will let you go further back, but be careful, if you go too far back and select a date before you started using Astro it could import something that is already on a card as a Paper Card Conversion or something that was on a card that was redeemed outside of Astro.

            The list of Imported transactions will show you everything that occured between the date range you chose that could qualify for a frequent buyer program. Each purchase will have a Status of either "Transaction Already Exists", "No Item", or it will have a Green Checkmark.
            1. The Transaction Already Exists items will not be imported if you commit to the import.
            2. The No Item items can only be added if you want to add them as Exceptions. This would be a rare occurrence. 
            3. The Green Checked items will be added to your customer's Frequent Buyer Cards if you decide to accept the import. 
            If you decide not to import the items that are checked then you can decline and cancel the Import and select a different start date. If you decide that the items should be imported you can Agree and commit to the Import.

            Once the items are imported they will be added to your customer's cards as light green checkmarked punches and they will not be listed under Today's Purchases, this is because they do not count as a Today's Purchase because they occured in the past.

            Now the customer's cards are current and up to date.

            What about Customers who should have gotten Points?

            If you are running a Loyalty Points program that is integrated with Lightspeed you can use the Import History to fetch any points transactions that may have been missed. There is a box that you can check after you click for Import History for Points. The procedure for Importing your customer's prior points will be the same - select your start date and then Import.

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