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            How to Ring Up & Redeem an Astro Offer for a Customer

            Redeeming an Astro Offer is very similar to redeeming an Astro Frequent Buyer, except that the items are redeemed within one transaction instead of after many. 

            Step One - Enroll in some Astro Offers: 

            Enroll in the Offers you wish to participate in. Each Offer will list a Start Date and an End Date below it. The Offer is only available during that listed time period.

            Astro allows you to enroll in Offers before they are actually live, so pay attention to the start date listed below the Offer. We like to give you at least a two weeks heads up to make sure that you have enough of the qualifying items for our Offers in stock at your store and so you can make sure your customers aware of the Offers to come next month. If you are enrolled in an Offer that is not scheduled to start until next month you will not be able to use that Offer until the date it says the Offer will begin. 

            Step Two - Lookup the Customer under Check Out or Add New Customer:

            Click Check Out and type in the customer's name. If the customer doesn't already have a Pet Owner account in Astro you will need to add them as a new customer.

            Step Three - Add the Customer's Qualifying Purchases to their Checkout Screen:

            Scan the qualifying item into Astro under the customer's Checkout Screen. At this point you may see an Offer Alert Pop-up. The pop-up will either give the customer an option to decline the Offer if they do not want it, or it will tell you if they have reached the limit of that Offer and can no longer redeem it.

            Depending whether or not you are also enrolled in a Frequent Buyer program that includes the same items that qualify for the Offer, you may or may not see a Pop-up. If you are enrolled in a matching Frequent Buyer program you will see the pop-up, if you are not you will not. 

            The Offer Pop-up was created for a couple reasons.
            1. To alert the customer who is just purchasing an item for the their Frequent Buyer program who may not know about the Offer. The pop-up gives this customer a chance to refuse the Offer if they do not want it.
            2. If a manufacturer brand ever says that a customer will have to choose between having their purchase apply only towards the Offer or have their purchase apply only to the Frequent Buyer. For example, let's say a customer is buying a small bag of MeNow Munchies cat kibble, and this month a purchase of that bag triggers an Offer for a free bag of MeNow Snick Snacks. The customer would have to choose whether they want the bag of kibble to count as a purchase towards their free bag on their Frequent Buyer card or if they want to have it count towards the Offer and get the free bag of treats. So far we have not had a manufacturer say that a customer has to choose between one or the other. If there ever is an Offer released that makes a customer choose, it will say so in the description of the Offer. 

            The pop-up will display the name of the item that triggered the Offer a the top, and it will tell you what the customer is eligible to receive once the Offer is redeemed. Below that it will ask you if the customer would like to participate in the Offer. Select your answer, if you select OK the Offer card will appear, if you select No Thanks the Offer will go away. 

            Select OK, or No Thanks

            Here's the cool part. If the item you scanned qualifies for both an Astro Offer and an Astro Frequent Buyer the item will automatically populate on both the Frequent Buyer Card (whether or not you select OK on the pop-up) and the Offer Card (if you selected OK).

            The Primal Beef Patties 6lb appears on both the Frequent Buyer and Offer cards.

            Step Four:
            Make sure that the Offer card is completed and contains all necessary checks. Then click Checkout

            Step Five: 
            Then a pop-up will appear that is just like the pop-up that appears when a Frequent Buyer Card is to be redeemed. Typically Offers will only reward one free item, or there will be a small list to choose from, so you can easily and quickly select the free item from the pop-up's drop down menu. 

            Select the Free item from the drop down menu.

            Step Six: 
            Once the item is selected. Click Redeem Now.

            Select Redeem now.

            It is NOT recommended to Redeem Later and save the item for next time since these Offers are only available between the 1st and last day of the month and there is a chance the customer will not make it back to the store in time to redeem it. If the customer returns after the Offer expires there will be no way for them to redeem them.

            Step Seven:
            Once you have double checked that everything is accurate you can select Finished and finalize the transaction. 
            Updated: 11 Oct 2019 05:26 AM
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