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            How to Enroll in a Breeder Program

            How do I Enroll in a Breeder Program? Is it available at my store?

            If you are enrolled in the standard Champion Pet Food Buy 12 Program then you are automatically already enrolled in the Champion Buy 6 Breeder Program. All other breeder programs will need to be enrolled in independently of the their standard program. You enroll in these programs just like you would any other frequent buyer program. How to Enroll in Frequent Buyer. If you do not see the program you are looking for listed under Available Astro Frequent Buyer you can request one.  

            Can this program format be used to create other kinds of restricted access programs on Astro?

            Short answer is yes. In most cases, you will need to request a program of this type from Astro specifically in order to be able to enroll in one. Since you will most likely be working with your manufacturer rep in regards to fulfillment of this program it will be written as Self-Fulfillment, unless we are told otherwise by your manufacturer rep and your distributor rep. The program will need to follow the same format as a Breeder Program, Buy X Get 1 Free, we cannot write a program to just give away something with no qualifying purchases. Unique ID# numbers will need to be generated and assigned to each Rescue Group, employee, etc by the manufacturer directly or by one of their reps. 

            Updated: 22 Jan 2019 10:37 AM
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