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            How to Combine Duplicate Customer Accounts

            If you notice that you have two active customer accounts for the same customer, or if you have a couple that wants to combine their cards onto one customer account you can use the Combine Duplicate PetOwner Accounts feature. This method is recommended if both of the accounts have active frequent buyer cards or loyalty points that need to be merged onto one account. If the duplicate account is completely blank you can just delete it by going to your Reports menu and selecting PetOwner LookUp / Edit / Delete.

            If you are running the Lightspeed Integration there is a preliminary step we recommend you perform. Log into Astro directly as an Admin, then lookup both of the accounts you plan to combine and remove the link to the account in Lightspeed by clicking the Incorrect Customer button located below the customer's name. Then once you combine the two accounts into one you can lookup the customer in Lightspeed and attach them to blank sale, click the Astro Loyalty button, find the customer account listed and click on it to recreate your LS>Astro link.

            Step One: 
            Submit a Help Desk Ticket  asking our Support team to turn on the Customer Roll Up Feature for you.

            Step Two:
            Locate Combine Duplicate Petowner Accounts under the Actions menu while under your Admin Account.
            Select Combine Duplicate Petowner Accounts
            Step Three:
            Type in either the customer's Name, Email, or Phone Number and click Search.

            Step Four:
            Select the customer accounts that you wish to combine by selecting Add to Queue.

            Step Five:
            Once the customer accounts are in the queue you will need to select the primary account, see the Red Arrow below. 

            If both accounts have active cards the cards will be combined together under the primary account that you selected

            I recommend choosing the account that has an email address. If one account has an email address and the other account has a phone number, check the account that has the email address and write down the phone number just in case it is not copied during the combining process.

            First select the Primary Account, then click Combine Customers.

            Step Six:
            Once you have chosen your primary account (see red arrow above). In this case I chose the account with the most contact information. Then you will select Combine Customers (see the yellow arrow above). It will ask you to confirm that you are sure. Click "yes". Then you should get a confirmation that the accounts have been combined and it will then take you to the customer's checkout screen where you will be able to see their cards. From there you can confirm that everything merged successfully. 
            Updated: 21 Jun 2019 03:43 AM
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