Astro Loyalty

            Enrolling in Astro Offers

            How to Enroll in Astro Offers in a Single Location Account

            From the Administrator home screen, find and hover over Offers.  Then, from the drop-down menu, select, Available Astro Offers.

            All of the available Astro Offers  will be listed. We suggest you scroll through to familiarize yourself with the programs available prior to making selections. Filter the listings by using the tabs across the top to select programs by Manufacturer, Category, Type and Pet Type. After applying the filters, choose the options you are interested in using.

            Select one by clicking on the name.  The program will open for you to check the requirements, general information, fulfillment structure and terms & conditions. If you wish to participate, select Enroll at the bottom of the page to add it to your active programs. If it is not of interest to you, select “Back” to go to the previous.

            After selecting Enroll, a Terms & Conditions and Fulfillment Notice Screen will pop up for you to acknowledge your agreement with the program requirements and to let you know how redemption will be fulfilled.   You will also see a drop down to select the distributor you wish to use for this program.  Further, you will be asked for your account number for that distributor.  You will only need to enter this information once per distributor. If the need should arise, you are able to change your distributor selection.  If you agree with the terms and conditions, select I Agree.

            Repeat this process to select each Offer that you want to utilize.

            How to Enroll in Offers on a Multi-Location Account

            Since you have a multi-location account you have access to Enrollment Grids under both your Frequent Buyer and Offers menus. These Grids allow you to see all of your locations at once so you can enroll each location in their Offers from one centralized account.

            Only Admins associated with your Master Location, or Parent Location will have access to these Grids.

            The first step is to enroll your main location in the Offers using the Single Location method described in the beginning of this article. This will allow you to expand details on each Offer and fully read up on it before choosing the ones you want to participate in. 

            Once you have chosen your Offers for the month you can select the Offers Enrollment Grid from the Offers menu on your top toolbar. 

            You can filter the Grid to see all Locations at once, which is the default view, or you can filter it to only see one location at a time. You will always be able to see what your Main Location is enrolled in so you can be sure your other locations are enrolled in the same programs you already chose in the first step.

            You can filter the list of Offers using the All Offers drop-down if you only want to see one Offer instead of the full list, which is the default view. 

            Below each Offer on the list you will see the dates during which that Offer is Live. If you mouse over the title of the Offer you will see its full description.

            Updated: 30 Jul 2019 04:19 AM
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