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            Distributor Fulfilled

            Here at Astro we offer a couple of different fulfillment types to meet the needs of our manufacturers and retailers. Fulfillment types indicate how your credits will be fulfilled and who is responsible for ensuring the retailer gets their credits. Our two most common fulfillment types are Distributor Fulfilled and Retailer Fulfilled.

            Distributor Fulfilled:

            This is Astro’s most common fulfillment type. Under this fulfillment type it is the distributor who is responsible for issuing credits to the retailer.

            Distributor fulfillment works like this.

            • Your customer comes in and redeems a free good.

            • This free good automatically creates a “batch” for your distributor.

            • Your distributor checks these batches and issues credits weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

            • You receive your credit automatically from your selected distributor for the redeemed good

            It’s that easy. As an added benefit you can check the status of your credits at any time by checking Astro Free Goods Fulfillment Batches under Reports.

            Updated: 23 Jan 2019 03:00 AM
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