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            Configuration & Customization of your Marketing Suite 

            There are four main settings that require your attention before you can fully utilize your new marketing suite. 

            Customer Check Out and New Customer Information Settings

            The Customer Check Out and New Customer Information Settings section is separated into three sections, New Pet Owner Information FieldsCashier Reminder for Existing Pet Owners, and Custom Pet Owner Tags

            New Pet Owner Information Fields

            When a New Customer is added to Astro before they are checked out there are only two fields that the cashier is required to fill in, First Name and Last Name. The Email Address, Phone Number, and Pet Information fields are all optional. If you would like to make any of these fields a requirement going forward then you can designate them as such here. Doing so will only affect future accounts created under Add Customer. These settings are not permanent and can be changed later if the need arises. 

            Cashier Reminder for Existing Pet Owners

            These reminders are great if you would like to politely remind your staff to collect contact information that may be missing from a customer's account while they are checking them out. The pop-up does not force your cashier to collect this missing information, they are able to choose "Not Now" if the customer does not want to give the cashier this information. 

            If the customer decides to give the cashier the missing information the cashier can click the Edit Petowner button to open up the Pet Owner Information pop-up. Here they can add any information that is missing, Send an Email Confirmation if their email address is Unverified, or Send an SMS Opt In Text if they have not yet Opted In to receiving text messages.

            Custom Pet Owner Tags

            Here you can add additional identifying tags that you can use later when generating Marketing Lists. These lists can be used to create targeted email Campaigns to these customers. These tags can be added to a customer's account either while creating their account with Add Customer or while Checking Out a customer by clicking on the Pet Owner Tag Icon

            Clicking on the Icon will bring up a pop-up where a tag or tags can be selected.

            The color of the Pet Owner Tag Icon will give you a clue as to whether or not the customer has a tag assigned or not. If the Icon is brown then there are no tags assigned to the customer. Once a tag is assigned it will turn from brown to green
            The information added to these fields will be included within the footer of all emails you send via the Astro Marketing Suite. These fields can be updated if any of your information changes. Any fields that are left blank will be excluded.

            Mobile App Customization

            Here is where you customize the Astro Mobile App and make it your mobile app. You can brand it with your store's logo, add your store's name to the title bar, and adjust the colors. From here the mobile app can be Enabled or temporarily disabled. You can also Preview your settings before Publishing them to your customers' mobile app homescreens. 

            Once your Mobile App is customized and Enabled your customers will be able to use it to follow along with their frequent buyer card progress, check in to see the Astro Offers you are enrolled in for the month, and view the Push Notifications you send them.

            Text Configuration

            In order for you to be able to communicate with your customers via text you need an SMS phone number. To register for one you must fill out the form contained within Text Configuration and submit it to Astro Support. 

            SMS Display Name

            The name you enter here will seen as the sender of any messages you send to your customers. Most choose the name of their store as the sender, but that choice is up to you.

            SMS Minimum Credit Balance

            You can configure your text credit balance to automatically reload once your credit balance dips below a set amount. This will help to ensure that every time you draft and queue a new SMS text message to your customers that it will be able to be sent right away without having to reload your balance.

            SMS Credit Reload Amount

            In order to send an SMS text message to one customer you need one SMS credit. If you are sending an SMS text message to 100 customers you will need 100 SMS credits. A single credit costs just under 5 cents. The number you choose here will be the number of credits the system will automatically purchase on your behalf once your total credits dip below the number you chose for Minimum Credit Balance. You can choose between 500 and 5000.

            It is completely up to you what number you choose as your reload number, most decide to choose a number that is over how many of their customers have opted in to receive SMS text.
            When you upload your store's logo here it will be available to you to add to your Templates using the Logo Element. It will also be added to all the Logo Elements on the pre-designed Astro Templates

            Pay close attention to any image size recommendations when uploading images (see section highlighted by the red box in the image below). This will help to ensure that your images look professional and clean. 

            To add your logo to the Default Logo section click the Choose File button, then you can select any image that you already have downloaded to your computer. Once you have one selected click where it says Upload New Logo. Your logo will then be displayed under where it says My Logo

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