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            What is a Campaign?

            Marketing campaigns are organized, strategized efforts to promote a specific company goal, such as raising awareness of a new product or encouraging customer loyalty. They typically aim to reach consumers in a variety of ways and involve a combination of media, including but not limited to email, mobile app push notifications, SMS text messaging, and social media.

            Campaigns can be as simple as a quick special this weekend or as in depth as a monthly newsletter with content about your store and special promotions. 

            Campaigns can be sent in one or all of the following ways:
            1. Email
            2. SMS/Text
            3. Mobile App Notification
            Campaign content is created as follows:
            1. Astro template creator
            2. Quick Campaign feature via Astro Offers or My Promotions
            3. Create a New Campaign

            Campaign Dashboard

            Here is a quick overview of the main Campaign page. This page will help you track how well your campaigns are doing with your customers.

            Button Options:
            1. New Campaign- Start here to create a campaign
            2. Enrolled Offers- See the current Astro Offers that you are enrolled and launch a quick campaign
            3. My Promotions- My promotions are events sponsored by you. For example, free bath Saturday. 10% off this weekend. You can create your promotions here and launch a quick My Promotion campaign.
            Column Information:
            1. Campaign Subject- This is subject of the message that you created.
            2. Recipients- Total number of customers the message was sent to and the type of message sent (Email, Push, and/or Text).
            3. Impressions- You will be able to see how many customers viewed the message, unsubscribed, and redeemed the offer.
            4. Actions- You can View the message, Clone campaign, or Archive the campaign. 

            Campaign Setup: Quick Overview

            When creating a new blank campaign, you will be taken to Campaign Setup Step 1. On this page you will be selecting the customers you want to reach out. You can add any title to let your customer's know what the campaign is about. Based on the recipient list you select, your customers will show on the right. 

            You can choose what method you would like to send this message. There are 3 options; Email, Push Notification, and Text. Depending on which method you choose, you can customize the subject for each type as well. 

            Campaign Setup Part 2:

            This page is where you will be creating the message to send to the customers. Start by selecting "New" under Templates or if you already created a template you can select that from the drop down menu and send.

            Creating a Template

            You can create a templates in the Campaign and/or Template section of the marketing suite. 
            You will be able to customize how you would like your campaign to look. There are several icons to choose from when setting up your message for your campaign. 

            Standard Elements

            These Elements will all generate editable fields in your Template. These fields will either be Text FieldsImage Fields or combo Text/Image Fields

            How to Add an Element to a Template

            1. You can Drag & Drop an Element to your desired location on your Template. To do this click on the Element icon that you want, then without lifting your cursor drag the Element over to the Template view. If you already have Elements in place on your Template you are able to place a new Element in between two pre-placed Elements, or above or below a pre-placed Element. Once you have the Element hovering over where you want it release your cursor to drop it in place. 
            2. You can also Double-Click on an Element icon to add it to your Template. This will place the Element below any pre-placed Elements. 

            Promotion/Offer Elements

            These Elements were designed to help you add marketing promos for your Frequent Buyer Programs, Offers and My Promotions to your Template quickly. They can be used with the Standard Elements to create a finished Template.

            Adding Images

            1. You can upload your own photos in the My Library button. 
            2. The MFG Program Library will have product pictures relating to brands. 
            3. The MFG Logo Library will have different manufacturer logo's available to use. 
            4. Astro Library *COMING SOON* This will have offer promotion, vendor content, pet retail lifestyle, social media,  and indie pet retail marketing.

            More information on Templates:


            A pop-up window will appear for confirmation. If everything is correct, click the "Send" green button. You can also save as draft or the cancel button. Once your campaign has been sent, you will be taken back to the Campaign Dashboard where are you can keep tracking of how your campaign messages are doing with your customers. 

            In this example, since we selected to send an email, text, and a push notification it is mentioned. 

            Updated: 25 Jun 2019 06:32 AM
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