Your Free Merchandising Kit for Frequent Buyer | Astro Retailer Media Kit

Your Free Merchandising Kit for Frequent Buyer | Astro Retailer Media Kit

How to Download Your Free Merchandising Kit

The Astro Media Kit is accessible via this Google Drive Folder where you can preview, save, and download whatever you need. You can then print the materials yourself, or send the digital files to a local print shop. If you want to take things one step further, you can upload the images to editing software like Canva or Adobe and embellish the designs with your store's logo or branding. 

Before you hang these signs all over your store - make sure you have your FREE Astro Mobile App Customized to match your store! All of the signs included in this bundle include QR Codes that when scanned by a smartphone will guide your customers to a link to download your store's version of the Astro Mobile App. Both your Android and Apple customers will have an app.

Display Suggestions:
  1. Hang the Shelf Talkers near your products that are a part of Frequent Buyer Programs
  2. Attach the Danglers/Wobblers to your shelves beside Frequent Buyer Products
  3. Hang the Flyers/Posters around your store
  4. Attach the Counter Mat to the counter beside your register
  5. Use acrylic sign holders to display the Acrylic Signs beside your register
  6. Print the Shelf Talkers on cardstock and position them beside the register like table-top menus

Examples of the Types of Images included in your In-Store Media Kit

Shelf Talker

These images are easily folded over so they can be tucked under products to hang over your shelves. They can also be folded over like table-top menus and placed beside your registers.

If you are printing these images yourself you can use cardstock, or you can use standard printer paper then laminate it. These can also be cut in half and inserted into acrylic shelf talker holders. 


These images can be printed professionally in order to create bouncy shelf talkers that can attached to the front of your shelves using a sticker or they can be slid/pinched into the front of your shelf. You can also attach them directly to your freezers using a sticker or tape so they bounce when someone opens or closes the door. Feel free to modify the image - cutting off the T-shape at the top will create a round image that can also be attached flush to your freezers as either a sticker or a window-cling.

Counter Mat

This image is perfect for attaching directly to your counter beside your register. You can print it yourself and tape it down (either laminate it first or use clear tape to protect it. Or you can order a sleeve that can be attached to your counter that will protect your printed counter mat. (If you go the sleeve route make sure that measure your counter first to make sure it will fit. When printing the image you will be able to use your printer settings to control the size of the image you are printing. If you have trouble, Kinkos or someplace similar will be able to help.)

It can also be printed professionally in order to create an actual mat that can both protect your counter and give your customers access to a link to download your mobile app.

Flyer / Acrylic Sign / Poster

The majority of the images included in the Media Kit belong to this category. They are all sized differently, so play close attention to the dimensions noted and the name of the image in your zip folder. 

You can print these images yourself if you plan to use them as flyer-size or included in an acrylic sign holder (these are awesome and worth the investment) - you can also choose to laminate them if you do not have sign holders. 

A professional printer will be able to print the larger versions of these images as full-size posters. They may also be able to help you size the image to suit your exact size preferences if needed.


Make sure that you have Customized your Free Mobile App before hanging these all over your store! 

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