What is Astro Frequent Buyer

What is Astro Frequent Buyer

What is Astro Frequent Buyer?

Astro's Frequent Buyer Engine is a digital platform to manage all of your manufacturer sponsored Frequent Buyer Programs. Astro works to integrate and streamline the Frequent Buyer process by linking retailers directly to their distributors with real time automated reporting functions that allow retailers to track the progress of their Frequent Buyer credits.

With Astro frequent buyer programs have never been easier manage. All of the Manufacturer Program parameters are built into the programs which provides multiple benefits. Managing Frequent Buyer Programs has never been easier. Astro's digital platform works like this

  • Your customer checks out with a qualifying Frequent Buyer item.
  • Once the item is scanned into Astro it populates on the appropriate Frequent Buyer Card.
  • Once your customer has made all of their required purchases they are eligible for their free good.
  • The redemption process is easy and your customer will only be able to redeem for the reward they have earned.
  • The customer is welcome to redeem now or come back later for their free good.
  • Once the free good has been redeemed it signals a real time batch for your distributor.
  • Distributors typically process their batches weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, ensuring that you get your credit back quickly.
  • Astro's Reporting tools allow you to track the status of your credits from the time of redemption to the moment you receive your credit.

It's never been so easy.

Attached to this article below is our current list of available Astro Frequent Buyer Programs. These are the programs that are available to all members. If you do not see a program you are looking for you can request it. 

How to Request an Unlisted Frequent Buyer Program

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