Text Message | Requesting SMS Number and Setup | Marketing Suite

Text Message | Requesting SMS Number and Setup | Marketing Suite

Requesting an SMS Mobile Number & SMS Text Setup

In order for you to send an SMS Text Message to your customers via Astro Loyalty you will need a special mobile number. This number is the same as every other mobile number out there in the sense that it can be used to send text messages. The difference lies in its opt-in and opt-out capabilities. In order for you to legally launch a SMS Text Campaign to your customers they need to be able to opt-in to receive messages and opt-out if they change their minds later. 

You do not need a phone to send these text messages. All of the drafting and sending of these messages will occur on your Astro Loyalty Account.

How to Request Your SMS Number:

If you didn’t activate SMS on the Free Trial activation page, you can still get a SMS number. Just click on the Text Messaging section on the Marketing Suite Dashboard to begin.

1. Select the Marketing button on the top of your Astro account.

2. Go to Campaigns

3. Then click on the SMS Text Message icon.

4. This will take you to the Text Configuration page. Here you can add your store name to the SMS Display Name box and this name will appear in the SMS From box when creating text messages. You will see the SMS Minimum Credit Balance with different options to select from in the drop down menu. This amount represents the minimum amount of credits before automatically reloading to the maximum credits. SMS Credit Reload Amount is the maximum number of credits you would like to have regularly. Once you are below your minimum credit balance amount it will automatically purchase credits to the selected reload amount. 

Click "Save Text Settings and Request Number" this will send an email to support. They will get back to you as quickly as possible with your SMS Number. 

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Once you have your number, here is how to create a text message: 
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