Templates | How to Add your My Astro Web Page to a Template | Marketing Suite

Templates | How to Add your My Astro Web Page to a Template | Marketing Suite

How to Share the My Astro Web Page with your Customers

The My Astro Web Page is a Marketing Tool that is included on all Astro Accounts, regardless of whether or not you have the Marketing Suite enabled. Think of it like a Flyer that you can share with your customers so they know about all the cool deals going on at your store. The My Astro Web Page updates in real time based on the Offers and Frequent Buyer Programs that you are enrolled in at your store. 

There are several ways that you can share this page with your customers so they can learn more about the deals you are running at your store. 

Your Template Creator/Editor just got a new Promo Element, it is called Flyer Link.

Add Flyer Link to your Template

To add the Element to your Template double-click the grey Element button, or you can click and drag it over to your Template. Either method will add the Element to the very bottom of your Template. 

If you wish to move the Element to another location on your Template you can click and drag it up or down to your desired position. 

Editing & Previewing the Button Once Added to the Template

Once the Flyer Link Button is added to your Template you can edit both its appearance and its function, and preview the link created by the button. 

  1. Left-Clicking on the Button will allow you to Edit its Design and Function. 
  2. Right-Clicking on the Button will open a Preview of the My Astro Webpage Link generated by the Button. 

Left-Clicking on the button will open a menu of button design options. At this point you can choose one of the Offers Buttons, which will take the viewer to Monthly Promotions section of your My Astro Webpage that shows all of your active Offers and My Promotions. Or you can choose one of the Adoption Buttons that will take the viewer to the Sharing the Love section of your My Astro Webpage. 
Offer Button & Adoption Button options

Click the one that you like and it will be saved to your Template.

At this point you can Right-Click on the button to preview the link generated by the button. This will open a new tab on your browser and show you the specific section of your My Astro Webpage the customer will be taken to when they click that button.

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