Template Library | Overview | Marketing Suite

Template Library | Overview | Marketing Suite

The Template Library is accessible directly from the Marketing Suite Dashboard, or via Campaigns while creating a Multi-Media Template Campaign. In this article we will focus on what you will find when accessing the Library directly from your dashboard. 

The Template Library is just that, a Library of Templates. It contains a collection of your My Templates and Astro Templates

My Templates

  1. Appear at the very top of your Library in order from most recently edited to least recently edited.
  2. In short, these are the templates that you have edited in the Template Editor or that have been sent via Campaigns (either Multi-Media or Quick Campaigns).
  3. They can originate from multiple places - 
    1. Created from scratch after clicking New Campaign Template (button located at the top corner of your Library)
    2. Imported from Astro Templates and edited via the Template Editor
    3. Generated by a Quick Offer or Quick Promotion Campaign
  4. All are able to be edited and added to Multi-Media Campaigns.

Astro Templates

  1. These are the templates that Astro's Marketing Team created for your use.
  2. They are importable and customizable.
  3. Within each category the Templates will be in alphabetical order.
  4. Astro Marketing categorized these Templates to make it easier to find one that suits your needs. Categories are as follows:
    1. Featured - are our most recently created and can relate to an upcoming holiday or be themed for the season. 
    2. Holiday - relate to the current month's holidays and are the templates we mention in our Marketing Guides on the Astro Blog.

    3. Layout - contain pre-padded and formatted blank elements that you can customize with your content.

    4. Pet Adoption - showcase your involvement in the Astro Sharing the Love platform.

    5. Newsletter - are an assortment of evergreen-styled templates that you can use year-round to share news about your store.

If you are familiar with scrolling through your Netflix account to find a movie, you'll be able to easily navigate our Template Library. Simply scroll from left to right to find the template that interests you. 

Previewing a Template

Clicking on a Template Tile will allow you to preview it. From this view you can choose whether you wish to Edit, or Import to Edit a Template. You will also be given the option to Delete a Template if it is yours to delete.
  1. To the right of the Template there is a scroll bar which allows you to preview the entire Template.
  2. If selecting one of your My Templates you will be able to open it in the Template Editor if you need to make adjustments by clicking Edit This Template. If it is an Astro Template, clicking Import In My Templates will first open the selected Template in your Template Editor so you can make adjustments before saving it to your My Templates
  3. If you no longer have need for a My Template there is a Remove Template button which will permanently delete the Template from your Library.
  4. If you do not wish to select the Template you are previewing, click Keep Exploring to return to the Library.
My Template Preview
Astro Template Preview

More Info:
How to Edit a Template once it is imported to your Template Editor.
How to Add a Template to a Campaign and send it to your customers.

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