My Pets Eat Local | Frequent Asked Questions

My Pets Eat Local | Frequent Asked Questions

What is My Pet Eats Local (MPEL)?

We help pet owners everywhere understand and gain the value of supporting local, independently-owned pet stores. The savings, the experience, the quality nutrition, and community support. That’s what we’re all about! Check out the webpage –
Astro and the Brands will be using Social Media and other avenues to solicit and acquire new customers for Astro retailers! 

What is the Store Locator Map?

The Store Locator will be on the My Pet Eats Local website:  This is to help new customers find local pet stores near them to become your customers! 

How do I manage my Astro Store Locator Page?

Under your Astro account, as an Admin user you can go to your Actions menu and click on My Astro Landing Page. Here is an article with more information: My Astro Landing Page Setup | Actions

What is Share the Love Adoption Rewards?

Generous brands have come together to help you reward pet owners who adopt from a 501c3 agency or rehome pets.  Here are links with more information:
Share the Love 
Overview | Sharing the Love Pet Adoption Programs

How will you go about confirming that a new customer is indeed a ‘New Customer?’

When a pet owner registers for MPEL, we will verify that they do not currently have an account with an Astro retailer. If they do, we will thank them for their participation, but they will not qualify for the new customer discount. 

What does a new customer get by joining?

They get to do business with you! And by participating in the MPEL program, you agree to offer a one-time new customer discount off their first order.  10-15% off first in-store order.  Still in beta and discussions with Astroverse. 

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