Shelf Talkers | Astro Offers

Shelf Talkers | Astro Offers

Do you need some help grabbing your customers' attention while they are perusing your store for food and supplies? Do you want a way to call their attention to the Astro Offers that you have available? Well, now you can do that with Shelf Talkers!

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How to Print a Shelf Talker for an Astro Offer While Enrolling

Select Available Astro Offers from your Offers menu.

Click on an Offer that interests you and Enroll as you would normally.

Now, every time you enroll in an Astro Offer you will see the following pop-up.

Clicking the green button will take you to the following screen where you can preview the Shelf Talker and choose a size.

There is a drop-down menu at the top of the page that will allow you to choose the size of the Shelf Talker. Your options are 100%, 75%, 50%, or 25%. Once you have selected the size you want click the Print button. This will take you to one of the following screens depending on the size you chose.

Your Print Screen may not look exactly like mine (Microsoft), but they will be similar. From here all you need to do is click Print.

100% is the largest size and fills a full printed page in landscape. 
75% is a little smaller and fills about 3/4 of a full page in landscape.
50% will produce a Shelf Talker about the size of a large index card.
25% is the smallest and would produce a sign that would be the perfect size to put up in front of or beside the actual item if it's on a shelf among other items.

How to Print a Shelf Talker After Enrolling in an Offer

Under your Offers menu there is a section called Offer Shelf Talkers.

From here you will see a list of all of your Enrolled Offers, each with a link below it to access the corresponding Shelf Talker so it can be printed.

You can print your Shelf Talkers onto regular paper and fold it over to make it stiffer, or you can laminate them, or you can print them onto a heavier card stock. Any method will produce an engaging Shelf Talker that is sure to get your customers' attention! And! There is the added bonus of calling their attention to the Free Mobile App.

For more info on the Free Mobile App checkout these articles. The Mobile App is included with all Astro Accounts! Don't miss out on this valuable marketing tool.

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