Sharing a My Template with Sub-Locations | Multi-Location Template Hack

Sharing a My Template with Sub-Locations | Multi-Location Template Hack

Before we go into the HOW, let's start with the WHY you would choose to do this.

A very simple WHY is you want to give your Store Admins, (Managers or Franchisees), full control over when they send their store's campaigns. But you would also like to provided them with some branded content that would be easy for them to include in their campaigns. 

A more complex WHY is the store's within your Multi-Location Account are not all enrolled in the same Astro Programs - meaning there is some variance between the My Astro Webpages related to each of your Locations (HQ, and all of the Subs all have their very own My Astro Webpage).

The My Astro Webpage is what is seen when a campaign recipient clicks the "Get Offers" or "Adoption Bundles" Flyer Link on your Template Campaign.

How does the Marketing Suite function for a Multi-Location Astro Account?
Astro Multi-Location Accounts contain one HQ/Parent/Master Account, and one or more Sub-Location Accounts
The HQ Account can have one or multiple Master Admins Users, while the Sub-Locations can have one or more Store Admin Users.
All Admins are able to access the Marketing Suite and it's tools.
  1. Master Admins can send Campaigns to all Pet Owners who shop account-wide, or they can send targeted Campaigns to Pet Owners who shop at only one location (by selecting the specific location from the Locations drop-down on Campaign Setup Step 1) or shop at a group of their select locations (by creating a Custom Recipient List and selecting the specific stores from the Locations Filter on the List Generator).
  2. Store Admins can only send Campaigns to the Pet Owners who shop at their specific store.

Alright, let's get to it!

Master Admins: How to Share a My Template with your Sub-Locations

Only Master Admins (Admins associated with the HQ/Master/Parent Account) are able to share their My Templates with the rest of the Multi-Location Account. So Master Admins can share with Store Admins, but Store Admins cannot share with Master Admins or other Store Admins. 

Start by going to your Marketing Dashboard and select Templates

Find your My Templates located at the very top of your Template Library.

My Templates will contain any Template that has been:
  1. Imported from the Astro Template Library (Featured through Newsletter sections of the Library)
  2. Generated via Quick Campaigns (Offer or My Promotion)
  3. Created via the New Campaign Template button (red button top right of Template Library)

Click on the Template you wish to share to open it's Preview. 

Click "Share This Template". This will create a pop-up that will list all of your Sub-Locations.

Check the box beside the stores that you wish to share the Template with. Then click "Save Sharing".

When the pop-up closes, click "Keep Exploring" to exit the Template Preview. 

Psst - If you cannot recall whether a Template was shared previously, clicking on the Share This Template button again will show you the boxes previously checked. 

There is no way to un-share a Template if it was shared previously. Un-checking a box will not un-share the Template.

Store Admins: Accessing a Shared My Template on a Sub-Location

In this example I shared a My Template between "Huxley's Meow-gerie" (my Demo HQ Account) and "MeNow's Num Yum Palace" (my Demo Sub-Location attached to Huxley's).  I am now logging in as a Store Admin on "MeNow's Num Yum Palace". (Yup, these were named for my pets!)

Start by going to your Marketing Dashboard and click Templates. 

Below My Templates there is a section that will contain all Templates shared with you by the HQ Account. The name of this section will include the name of your HQ Account: "Templates Shared By [HQ Account Name]"

To use a Shared Template, simply click on it.

This will open it's Preview page and give you the option to Import it to your Template Editor so you can make any final adjustments (such as adding your Offers/Promotions) before adding it to one of your Campaigns.

This is exactly the same procedure that you would use if you were importing one of Astro's pre-designed Templates to use in a Campaign, except this time the Template you imported was generated from one of your team members. 

When you finish making your edits click Save & Finished. This will save it under your store's My Templates section so it can be added to Campaign, or edited again and used another time.