Retailer Free Goods Credit Batches | Self-Fulfillment Walkthrough

Retailer Free Goods Credit Batches | Self-Fulfillment Walkthrough

How to Export Your Self-Fulfillment Reports

Self-Fulfillment programs typically fall into two categories.

One: The program you are running is In-House and you do not expect to receive credit back for the items redeemed in your store.
Two: The program is Approval Only and your Manufacturer Rep asked that you send him/her the reports instead of sending them straight to distribution. 

If your program is In-House you can breeze right through this, if you are reporting to your rep you will need to be mindful of what Folder your batch report is sitting in.

Step One:
Your batch reports are going to appear on their own portal. First, you will need to go to the Reports menu at the top of your home screen, then scroll down to "Retailer Free Goods Credit Batches". This will take you to the first page of your Self Fulfillment reports, "New Rewards".

Notice the Red Button "Retailer Action Required". This is alerting you to the fact that this batch is Self-Fulfillment and will need to be exported manually. 

Step Two: 
Click on the Red Button. Now you are given the option to "Print/Export Free Goods Batch". 

When you click the Red Button it will create this page:

At the top of this screen, you have the option to Print or Export. If you export the report it will create an Excel document with two tabs. The first tab will show the redeemed items while the second tab will show the qualifying purchases.

Step Three:
The act of you printing or exporting this batch will move it from New Rewards to Batches Pending Fulfillment.

If your program is In-House and you are not sending your report to a rep you can go ahead and mark your batch fulfilled.

If you are sending your report to your rep for credit, leave your batch in this folder until you receive your credit memo or your replacement product. Once you have everything you need, and you are sure you got the appropriate credit back you will need to find your report under Batches Pending Fulfillment, click the Retailer Action Required button, and then select Mark Batch Fulfilled. This will move the report from Pending to Batches Fulfilled

Your report will stay under the Batches Fulfilled folder for 3 years.