Retailer Fulfilled

Retailer Fulfilled

Here at Astro we offer a couple of different fulfillment types to meet the needs of our manufacturers and retailers. Fulfillment types indicate how your credits will be fulfilled and who is responsible for ensuring the retailer gets their credits. Our two most common fulfillment types are Distributor Fulfilled and Retailer Fulfilled.

Retailer Fulfilled:

This is Astro’s second most common fulfillment type. Under this fulfillment type it is the retailer who is responsible for managing their own credits. Retailer fulfilled programs are typically set up for manufacturers who are not participating Astro Alliance members or who prefer to have their reps handle all frequent buyer credits. Retailer fulfillment is offered largely as a tracking convenience to Astro retailers and all fulfillment must be negotiated directly with the manufacturer.

Retailer fulfillment works like this:

  • Your customer comes in and redeems a free good.

  • This free good automatically creates a batch for you.

  • You process your batches weekly, bi- weekly, monthly -- whichever works best for you.

  • You submit your batches directly to the manufacturer per the requirements you have negotiated with them.

  • You mark the batch complete once your manufacturer has issued your credit.

It’s pretty simple. Astro give you the tools to more accurately track your Retailer Fulfilled frequent buyer programs. The reports are easy to access by selecting Retailer Free Goods Credit Batches under Reports.

Astro is not responsible for ensuring credits for any program designated as Retailer Fulfilled. Retailers assume all responsibility for credit fulfillment for Retailer Fulfilled programs.

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