How to Redeem Offers | Astro Offers

How to Redeem Offers | Astro Offers

Redeeming Astro Offers | Free Goods or Rebates

* Timestamp for ringing up Offers start at 3:33mins. 
Make sure you are enrolled in the Offers before proceeding:  How to Enroll in Offers | Astro Offers
Also make sure to check the dates on when the Offers start. 

Redeeming Free Goods Offers:

1. Go to Checkout.

2. Add or Search for the customer. 

3. You can scan, use the drop down menus, or type in the UPC to add the customers purchase. You will see a punch card has started for the free good Offer. 
Make sure the whole card is filled out before proceeding to Checkout. 

4. Select Checkout. 

5. Depending on the Offer, the manufacturer may require an email to redeem. 

6. You can now select the item(s) on the Reward Redemption pop-up. Then click Redeem Selected Items. 

It is NOT recommended to Redeem Later and save the item for next time since these Offers are only available between the 1st and last day of the month and there is a chance the customer will not make it back to the store in time to redeem it. If the customer returns after the Offer expires there will be no way for them to redeem them.

7. Select Finished to save the transaction.

Redeeming Rebate/Dollars Off Offers:

1. Go to Checkout

2. Add or Search for the customer. 

3. You can scan, use the drop down menus, or type in the UPC of the item. If the item qualifies for an Offer, you should get a pop-up. Select OK if the customer would like to participate in the Offer. 

You will see the Rebate at the bottom of the page. If there is a frequent buyer associated with the same item, it will punch the customers card as well. You will see that the customer has an unredeemed reward now. 

4. Select Checkout. 

6. You should now see the Reward Redemption pop-up. Check the box to select the reward and then click the button to redeem the Rebate. 

7. Select Finished.

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