Redeem Frequent Buyers | Lightspeed X Series POS via Chrome Extension Only | Partial Integration

Redeem Frequent Buyers | Lightspeed X Series POS via Chrome Extension Only | Partial Integration

How to Redeem a Frequent Buyer:

1. Add the customer to the sale in Lightspeed X Series. 

2. Now you can add the customer's chosen free good to their sale. If the customer was purchasing other items you can also scan them onto their sale at this point. 

3. If the customer has earned a reward it will say so under the first section. In this case she has a competed 13lb Champion Dog Kibble Card. If the customer wants to know what they qualify to get for free you can click the link below the title of the program card that says "Click to see available items"Select "Redeem In Astro"

You will also notice that the integration is offering you an option to commit the item on the sale to Astro as a purchase. In this case we do not want to do this since the customer is taking this item home for free. 

4. If the brand whose program you are redeeming requires a Customer Mailing Address or a Customer Email Address you will be prompted to enter this information first, and you must complete it in full in order to reach the Reward Redemption Pop-Up

Do your best to collect the required information. You can assure your customers that our data policy protects their private information.

5. Select the item that they are redeeming for on the Redemption Reward pop-up. You can use the drop down menu or scan the item UPC.
If the program rewards Lesser than or Equal Value Free it will tell you one of the least valued items they purchased. 
If it is a Most Frequently Purchased Item Free program it will tell you what item they purchased the most frequent. 
If the customer wants to take a home a bag that is not listed as an available free good, you do have the option to redeem the card for one of the items that does qualify as a free good (this is what your distributor will credit back to you) then you can discount their sale the value of the item you redeemed the card for and the customer can pay the difference between the two items (or if you are feeling generous you can eat the difference- totally up to you.) Astro will remind you of this option when it comes time to physically redeem the card in Astro.

This drop-down menu will show you all  items that qualify as free goods regardless of whether or not you carry them at your store. So if you're dealing with a long list of options take your time and choose carefully. Each item listed will include both a full product description and their UPC code so if you are unsure compare the numbers in Astro to those below the item's barcode.

6. When the item is selected, the button will turn green in order to redeem the card. 

7. Now you will see a record of the redemption you just completed under Rewards Earned / Redeemed This Visit. Confirm that everything looks accurate. Astro will provide the product description and UPC here as well. Select "Finished" to go back to Lightspeed X Series. 

8. In Vend you will notice that the item we just redeemed is still showing up on the sale without a discount applied. The method that you choose is up to you when it comes to redeeming on the POS side.
Astro does not apply any discounts to your sale. This must be done manually. There are a couple of reasons for this. 
  1. Even though many items have MSRP values the sale price of an item can still vary from store to store, region to region. 
  2. The customer may have chosen to take home an non-qualifying item so we want you to be able to partially discount an item if needed. Ex. They want Orijen but only qualify for Acana. The card can be redeemed for Acana then you can subtract the difference from the higher valued Orijen item. 
  3. Most states need to still account for the sales tax owed on discounted items. For instance, in NC the customer still needs to pay the full tax owed before the discount is applied. Please reach out to Vend if you are not sure how to do this. 
In this example, we discounted the item 100% and added a note that it was a Frequent Buyer Redemption

9. Select pay to finish out the transaction in Lightspeed X Series.