Recipient Lists | How to Generate Customer Lists | Marketing Suite

Recipient Lists | How to Generate Customer Lists | Marketing Suite

We recommend using Google Chrome. We found that Chrome works the best for the Marketing Suite.  

Customer Marketing Lists

Marketing List Generator Tutorial Video

List Generator

Let's start with how to make a new list. Go to the Recipients section of your Marketing Suite Dashboard.

First click the red button at the top right that says Create New List. Now you are in the List Generator. The List Generator is divided into four main sections, each section contains several fields that you can use to apply specific filters to your master Pet Owner list.

List Type / Limit Results To

There are two list types, Filtered List which is the default, and Manual List

Filtered List

The Filtered List setting will help you to compile your list using the filters listed below. 

If you leave any of these fields blank then the filter will not be applied and the list will not be affected by that filter's particular categorization. 
Some of the filters have a direct affect on the selectable list of options within the other filters. For instance, the Vendor selection will influence the Frequent Buyer Programs list of options and the Offers list of options; also in order to generate the Punches Remaining field a Frequent Buyer Program will need to be selected. 

Manual List

The Manual List setting will allow you to add each customer's contact info manually. This setting is useful if you have a short list of customers you need to send a message to. 

Limit Results To

Here you can select a maximum number of customers that you want to appear on your generated list based on the VIP stats you choose. Let's say you select Top 150, this will generate a new field where you can choose what you want to be the basis of determining that Top 150.
Your options are:
  1. Purchase Volume
  2. Redemption Volume
  3. Points
  4. Visits

Campaign Suggestions - This filter option is HUGE if you were wishing for a way to quickly identify your "Hero VIP Super Awesome Customers". This will help you generate a list of customers who have most likely been with you from the very beginning and have grown to become your loyal regulars. These lists are great to pair with a simple "Thank you for being Awesome" Campaign where you thank them for being so dang great, or they can be paired with a "Thank you for being Awesome and here's a special My Promotion for you" Campaign if you are feeling generous and want to reward their loyalty with a gift. Up to you! 


These fields allow you to compile customer lists based  on your customers' purchase activity at your store. Here you can sort your master Pet Owner list according to the Vendor items your customers have purchased, or you can filter that list down to the specific Frequent Buyer Program they have participated in and factor in how many Punches Remaining on their program card. You can also use these filters to generate a list of customers who have participated in Offers, whether that is All Offers, or all Offers for a specific Vendor, or only Offers that include certain types of products for that Vendor. You can even compile a list of customers based on how many times they have redeemed a card for a Frequent Buyer Program or Offer using the Redemption Volume filter. 


This drop-down menu lists all of the vendors who's Frequent Buyer Programs or Offers you are currently enrolled in. If you would like to compile a list of customers based on what vendor's products they are purchasing you would select it from this drop-down menu. 

Frequent Buyer Programs

This drop-down menu will list either all Frequent Buyer Programs you are currently enrolled in, or, if you chose a specific Vendor in the field above, it will only list Frequent Buyer Programs pertaining to that specific Vendor. If you would like a compile a list of customers that are participating in a specific Frequent Buyer Program you would select that program name here.

If you are subscribed to Custom Programs they will be listed here as well. The program I chose in the example image above is our demo store's Custom Frequent Bather Program.

Tip - Selecting a specific Frequent Buyer Program from this filter menu will generate a new filter menu below called Punches Remaining. These two filters when paired together are going to be your greatest ally. This will generate a list that will help with a number of tasks such as making sure your inventory will accommodate impending redemptions. There is nothing sadder than a free bag day with no free bag to take home. These lists have the ability to Refresh and remain current so you will always help you to stay on top of your inventory game and avoid surprises. You can also use these lists to send words of encouragement to those customers who are close to completing their cards. 

Campaign Suggestions - A list of customers participating in a specific Frequent Buyer Program can be used to se announcements of new product additions to a particular program or an announcement of an Offer, or secondary program that complements the program they are participating in. You can also use this list to inform your customers about changes to a program at your store. It can even be used to let your customers know when your brand rep will be in town handing out goodies!

Punches Remaining

The Punches Remaining field will only appear as an option after a specific Frequent Buyer Program is chosen from the field above. This drop-down filter will give you several options. You can choose Any Punches Remaining, or between 1 Punch , 2 Punches, 3 Punches or 4 Punches Remaining. If you would like to reach out to customers who are close to redeeming their cards for a specific program, or have a record of who is close to a redemption at any given time, this field will need a value of 1, 2, 3 or 4 selected.

Campaign Suggestion - It is especially grand to pair a Punches Remaining / Frequent Buyer Program filtered list with a Campaign announcement for an Offer that corresponds to the Vendor program the customer is close to completing; especially if that Offer rewards a free good or a discount for an item purchase that would bring your customer close to completing their frequent buyer card. This way they can get a free promotional item for their final frequent buyer purchase thus completing their card so they can then get their long awaited free bag. This will surely excite your customers and they will be thrilled that you pointed it out to them. If a Campaign like this interests you follow this lead (link to example) to learn how to set it up.


This drop-down menu will either list all of the types of Offers you are currently enrolled in, or it will list Offer Types pertaining to the specific Vendor chosen in the Vendor field, if one was selected. 

This field will not list specific Offers since they change every month, instead it will list Offer Types or generalizations such as:
"Grizzly Pet Products - All Offers" -or- "Grizzly Pet Products - Supplements" 
One of these options is more general and will include all customers who participated in all Grizzly Offers, the other option is more specific and will only include customers who participated in a Grizzly Offer that was promoting a Supplement. 

Some of the most common Offer Types are Food, Supplements, and Treats.

If All Offers is selected for this field then your list will include all customers who have ever participated in Offers. 

Campaign Suggestion - This is a great list to generate if you want to send out monthly announcements to your customers who you know are anxiously waiting to find out what your next months Offers will be.

Pet Adoption Programs:

You will be able to select the brand and category. This option will give you a list customers that received an adoption bundle, so you can target these new pet parents. 

Redemption Volume

This filter has two Primary settings, Greater Than/Equal To or Lesser Than/Equal To. Then there are two secondary settings that the primary setting will reference while filtering your List. First you will choose the Number of Redemptions you want the filter to find and then choose a Time Frame you want the filter to search within for those redemptions.

The Number of Redemptions field has several options to choose from: 6 Redemptions, 12 Redemptions, 18 Redemptions, 24 Redemptions.

The Time Frame field has several options as well: All Time, In Last 6 Months, In Last 12 Months, In Last 18 Months, In Last 24 Months

This filter can be applied to a list on its own like in the example image above for a more general representation of your customers' redemption history, or it can be paired with the other Purchase Filters like VendorFrequent Buyer Programs or Offers for a more brand specific representation of your customers' redemption history.

If you filter according to Greater Than/Equal To > 6 Redemptions > In Last 12 Months you would generate a List of customers who have redeemed at least 6 cards or more within the past 12-months. If you have no other Purchase fields selected this filter will reference all Frequent Buyer, Offers and Custom Program Redemptions at your store. You can apply a specific Vendor, Frequent Buyer Program or Offer to create a more specific List.

If you filter according to Lesser Than/Equal To > 6 Redemptions > In Last 12 Months you would generate a List of customers who have redeemed at the very most 6 cards or less within the last 12-months. Customers who have redeemed zero cards would be included on this List.  If you have no other Purchase fields selected this filter will reference all Frequent Buyer, Offers and Custom Program Redemptions at your store. You can apply a specific VendorFrequent Buyer Program or Offer to create a more specific List.
Tips - This filter is great to apply to Lists if you want to find your VIP customers who are redeeming cards on a more frequent basis or which customers have yet to complete cards or are slow to complete their cards. A Vendor specific Redemption List is also nice to generate to share with your vendor reps. I'm sure they would love to see how well one of their Offers or Frequent Buyer Programs is doing at your store. If they like what they see they may be able to offer you some other promotional deals to share with your customers. 

Store Visits

These fields can be used to generate lists based on the frequency or infrequency that your customers come to visit your store.

There is a field that can be used to track either a customer's Last Visit or their very First Visit. This is a great tool when you want to see which customers are repeatedly returning every 30, 60 or 90 days, or if you would like to see what customers are new to a particular program.

If you are more interested in the Number of Visits then there is a field where you can track Greater Than or Less Than a set number of visits. This will generate lists that reference a customer's overall volume of visits. This is a great list to generate if you would like to see who's been visiting your store the most, or if you want to see who needs more enticement so they will stop by and visit more often.

Finally there is a field that will help you generate a list of customers who are Eligible for a Frequent Buyer Redemption but they have not redeemed their reward yet. This is a great tool to use if you want to make sure your customers are reminded that they have a free bag of something waiting for them. 

Last Visit

This drop-down menu will list specific Visit Time Frames. There are two types of Time Frames listed: X Days Since Last Purchase or X Days Since First Purchase. Last Purchase gives you options of 30, 60 or 90 Days. First Purchase has 15, 30, 45, 60 as available options. These filters will reference all cards, both redeemed and unredeemed.

Tip - Last Purchase is a useful tool when you are trying to determine or reach out to customers who have either not been by in awhile or that have purchased a specific Offer within a certain time frame. It is also a great list to generate if you want to get a good idea of how many customers repeatedly return every X-days, and who those repeat customers are.
Tip - First Purchase is a useful tool when you want to welcome customers to your store or to a particular program. 

Number of Visits

This field will help you compile a list of customers based on how many times they have visited your store overall. There are two options: Greater Than/Equal To or Less Than/Equal To. Then there is a field where you can enter either your baseline number or your maximum number depending on the filter you chose. 

Tips - Greater Than is a great option if you want to compile a list of customers who are your most frequent visitors. Depending on what number you choose as your minimum number of visits this list will most likely include your customers who have either been shopping with you the longest and/or are your loyal regulars. If you are looking for a way to identify your Top 50 customers then pairing this filter with the Limit Results To : Top 50 filter with Based On Purchase Volume selected will surely do the trick. Once you have your list in hand you can create a Custom Tag called "Top 50" or "[insert name of shop pet here]'s Favorites" and then go through and tag those customers listed so you will know who they are during checkout. 

Tip - Less Than is a great option when you want to compile a list of customers who you don't see as often or could be new to your store. These are customers that with the proper enticement could become one of your Top 100, or even one of your Top 50! 

Eligible for Frequent Buyer Redemption

This filter is great for when you want to remind your customers that they have a free bag of something waiting for them. You have several options: 10 Days, 15 Days, 20 Days, 25 Days, 30 Days, 45 Days, 60 or More Days Old. If you pair this filter with either the Vendor filter or the Frequent Buyer Programs filter then you will generate a more specific list of customers. 

Tip - If you select 30 or More Days Old then you will generate a list of all customers who have earned a free good at least 30 days ago but they have not yet come by to redeem it. You are the best judge of typically how often a customer may come by to replenish their pet's food. Personally, I have found that if they haven't come by in at least 30 Days then they forgot or do not know they have a free item waiting for them. I can guarantee that these customers will be grateful for the reminder and will hopefully stock up on some treats while they are there getting their freebie. 
Campaign Suggestion - Pair this list with the Astro Template titled "Eligible for Loyalty Reward" (located under Featured Templates). This Campaign is designed to do two things for you: 
  1. It lets your customers know they have a free item waiting for them! This shows you have their back, which is always a good thing.
  2. It lets your customers know that you have a free Mobile App so they can keep track of their loyalty progress and never let a free good sit unredeemed for over a month ever again! And guess what, everyone who receives this campaign in their email inbox can use that email address to log into the App. 
Benefit: You get more of your customers to see the value of your Mobile App, and therefore hopefully get more of them to download and engage with it. This means more customers will be able to receive App Notifications, which tend to have a higher read-rate than email and are 100% free to deliver, unlike SMS Text. 

Subject Line Suggestions: 
  1. Fetch Your Freebie! Claim Your Frequent Buyer Reward and Discover Our Loyalty App
  2. Your Loyalty Reward Awaits! Stay in the Loop with Our Pet Lover Loyalty App
  3. Redeem Your Frequent Buyer Freebie and Stay Ahead with Our Loyalty App

Loyalty Points

This section is only pertinent if you have Loyalty Points activated on your account. Then you can use these filters to help compile lists of your customers participating in your Loyalty Points program. The first field will help you notify your customers who have enough points to spend on a particular Reward and are Eligible for a Loyalty Redemption. The second field will help you compile a list based on how many Loyalty Points your customers have currently. 

Eligible for Loyalty Redemption

This filter is great if you want a way to remind or notify your customers that they are eligible to redeem a Points Reward. The options in the drop-down menu will include all of your Points Rewards that are currently Active. If you do not see one of your Points Rewards listed check your Points Program to make sure that the missing Points Reward is Active. 

Tips - This list is also very useful if you would like a way to see how many customers at any given time are eligible for a redemption. This can help you monitor your program participation and make sure that you are not being too generous with your rewards or it can give you a heads up if it looks like a lot of customers will be redeeming a Points Reward in the near future. 

Campaign Suggestion - The obvious here is to pair this list with a reminder campaign to let your customers know they are eligible for a Points Reward. Since you are reminding them to come by and get something for free or at a discount it would also be a good list to pair with some info about your monthly Offers or another exciting deal you have going on at your store. Then they not only get their much anticipated Points Reward, but they can also reap the benefit of a special promotion. 

Loyalty Points

This filter is going to be a game changer if you were looking for an easy way to determining who your top Points earners are. You have two filter options: Greater Than/Equal To or Less Than/Equal To. Then there is a field where you can enter either your baseline number or your maximum number depending on the filter you chose. This filter was built to reference your customer's current points totals. If you want to see your customer's Lifetime Points checkout the Loyalty Points Participation report.

Tips - Greater Than is going to be your go to filter when you want to determine who your heavy hitters are when it comes to points earned. It is especially great to use if you want to determine how many customers are holding onto their points to get to your top Rewards and how many are spending their points as soon as they are eligible for one of your base Rewards. For instance, if you have a base Reward that requires 500pts and your top Reward requires 1000pts then you can generate a list that is Greater Than/ Equal To 500 (or 501 if you do not want to include 500) to see who is most likely working towards earning the big Reward. 

Tips - Less Than is very helpful when you want to notify your customers who are close to redeeming a Reward, or you want to encourage them until they get to their very first Reward. Let's say your minimum Points Reward is valued at 500pts. If you create a list of customers who have 499 points or less then you can send them an encouragement campaign that showcases the Rewards they have to look forward to once they reach the points requirement. 


This section was added to help our retailers who have more than one location on their Astro Account. When sending a Campaign from your Master/Parent Location Account you are able to use the Location drop-down on the Campaign itself to target customers who shop at a single specific location, or you can send a Campaign to customers who shop at all of your locations. (Campaign Setup Step 1, #5)

But what if you want to send a Campaign to customers who shop at more than one location, but not all of them? Well, that's where this filter comes into play. 

Select and Add Locations to Limit Recipients

Using the drop-down, select the stores whose customers you wish to contact. Then click Add. You can select multiples. 

The locations you select will appear in red below the drop-down.

TIP: When it comes time for you to save a Recipient List with a Location Filter applied make sure you give it a Name that will represent the stores that you have selected. Include any other filters that you applied. This will help you identify your list later when it comes time to add it to your campaigns.
  1. Example 1: You made a list to communicate with your customers who purchase Primal and shop at your Downtown locations, you could call it "Primal Customers | Downtown Stores" or "Downtown Primal Customers".
  2. Example 2: You made a list to tell your customers who shop at your NY locations that you are launching a Dog Wash Station at those locations, you could call it "NY Customers".
Just like any other Filter selected on a Recipient List, your saved list can be edited and Locations can be added or removed. 

To Remove a Location from your List click on the red bubble containing the location's name.
Click on Name to Remove.

Mobile Phone Filters

These filters are very useful for multiple reasons.

The first filter will compile a list of your customers who have a Mobile Phone Number associated with their Pet Owner account.

The second filter will reference whether or not a customer has decided to Opt In For Text Messaging.

The final filter, Mobile App Push Notification Available, will help you determine who has downloaded your Free Astro Mobile App on their smartphone and are open to accepting Push Notifications.

This filter has one option for the time being, that option is: Only Customers with Mobile Phone Entered. This will create a list of customers who have a phone number associated with their Pet Owner account, it will not take into consideration whether or not they have opted in to SMS Text. 

There is a chance that a handful of your customers may have given you their home phone number rather than their mobile number, but that shouldn't affect the intended benefit of this list. Customers are able to update their phone number along with the rest of their contact information via the Free Astro Mobile App, or you can edit their contact info during Checkout. 

Tips - This list will come in handy when you want to see how many of your customers have a phone number on their account and therefore have the option to receive text if they decide to opt in. If you hadn't thought to collect phone numbers in the past this list will help you see the progress you have made while you build your mobile phone database. 

Campaign Suggestion - If you are just getting your Marketing Suite up and running and you want a quick way to let your customers know they will have the option to opt in for SMS Text alerts when new items hit your shelves, or the new Offers are announced, or there is an adoption event or party they are invited to attend, and so on, then this list is a great place to start. The customers on this list are already ahead of the game. As long as they also have an email address associated with their account, or the Free Astro Mobile App downloaded, you will be able to send them an announcement style campaign to let them know you have a new, lightning fast way to let them know when cool stuff is going down at your store. Make sure to let them know they will need to tell you they opt in the next time they visit your store.

Phone Numbers have never been a required piece of information to collect for your customers, and prior to our release of SMS Text there was no reason other than customer lookup to collect phone numbers for customers. If you would like to make it so that from now on your cashiers will be required to collect a customer's mobile phone number when they Add a Customer to Astro, contact and request that we turn on that requirement for you.

As you may have already learned, a customer must opt in in order to receive text messaging, they must tell you in person so you can update their Pet Owner account accordingly. You can opt a retailer in to text messaging while Checking them out in Astro. 

This filter has two options: Has Opted In or Has Not Opted In

Tips - If you are going to be using SMS Text to communicate with your customers you will definitely want to create a List for Has Opted In. This list will tell you the exact number of customers who are capable of receiving texts at any given time. You can then use this number to gauge what your SMS Minimum Credit Balance and your SMS Credit Reload Amount should be to ensure that every time you draft a SMS Text it is able to be sent right away, For instance, if you have 423 customers on your Opt In list then it would make sense to set your minimum credit balance to 500 and your credit reload amount to at least 500. These settings can be applied to Text Configuration which is housed within the Settings on your Dashboard. 

The Free Astro Mobile App is an incredible tool and it is of great benefit to both you and your customers. This filter will help you determine how many of your customers have downloaded the App and registered it with your store.

Tip - A good goal to have is to grow this list until it includes all or at least most of your customers. Why? Well, the App is beneficial to your customers because it allows them to track their Frequent Buyer and Loyalty Points progress in real time, it lists and describes all of the Offers you are currently enrolled in, it gives them a place to keep their account info up to date, and they can receive Push Notifications from you via it. We also recommend that you make the App your own by customizing it

Unsubscribed Customers:

Check the box for "Customer has opted out of receiving emails" option, this will generate a list of customers who have unsubscribed to the emails. 

Customer Tag Filters

These are the Tags that can be customized in Settings under Customer Check Out and New Customer Information Settings. Once you have created your custom Customer Tags they can be added to your customer's Pet Owner accounts during Checkout or while editing their contact info.

Some popular Customer Tags include Grooming Customer, Dog Wash Regular, VIP Customer, Contest Winner, Rescue Foster, Breeder, Food Allergies, Boarding Customer, 2000 Lifetime Points Earnedetc. There are so many things you can do with these Tags. You can use these lists to send targeted campaign announcements or special My Promotions to your VIPs, or they can simply help you keep track of how many customers are tagged in a particular way.

Tips - These Tags not only come in handy while checking out a customer since they can be used to help identify specific groups of customers that may have special perks or require special attention, but they also allow you to create very specific customized Lists of customers based on your own customer categories. Personally I love using Tags to keep track of my customers who are involved in a Rescue group, or to identify one of my "Free Food for 3-Month Contest Winners" after we conduct a fundraising event. 

Campaign Suggestions - If you have an event at your store where you have customers entering to win Free Food, or another in-house reward the Customer Tags paired with My Promotions comes in super handy. Once you have your winners you can Tag their Pet Owner accounts, then compile a list using the Customer Tags filter, then build a My Promotion campaign and send it to your winners. There's no need to make a special Custom Program or Offer, and the best part is the My Promotion is super easy to redeem and impossible to be missed. 

Pet Filters

Here they are! Finally! To all of our Astro OGs now you can finally put to use all those Pet Birthdays you have been collecting in Astro, and we even added some extra filters for good measure.

These filters allow you to create Lists according to Pet Type, Pet Age or Pet Birthday

This filter will allow you to generate lists based on the Pet Type owned by your customers. So far your options include Cat, Dog, Horse, Bird or Other. These are the same options you have when adding a Pet to your customer's Pet Owner account under Checkout. See image below.

Tips - Have you been wanting to expand your cat food/supply section, or add a new food for small animals to your inventory? Generating some Pet Type Lists may be just what you need to determine if you have a customer base that would appreciate those expansions or new additions. Try your best to add all of your customer's pets to their account. They will appreciate your attention to these details and your desire to make sure all of their pets are adequately represented at your store. 

Campaign Suggestion - A Pet Type specific List would come in handy when you want to, for example, tell all of your cat customers about a new cat litter that you decided to bring on at your store, or tell all your dog customers about a new toy line you've added. Campaigns that are addressed to, mention, or are geared specifically to the customer's pet tend to be met with a more positive response by the pet owner. They are more likely to open/read/click these types of campaigns.

Pet Age

This filter allows you to generate lists based on age groups of your customers' pets. There are several options: 1-2 Years, 3-4 Years, 5-6
Years, 7-8 Years, 9+ Years. In order to generate these lists you will first need to start adding at least the Birth Year for each customer while editing their Pet Owner account either while under Checkout or Pet Owner Lookup. If they know the Birth Month definitely add that as well since it will help you send fun birthday announcements later. The image below shows where to add Birth Month and Birth Year while editing a Pet Owner account. You can either add a New Pet if they are missing from the Pet Information section or edit an existing Pet by clicking the red pencil next to the pet's name. 

Tips - This kind of list can come in handy when you want to see how many young pets have owners shopping with you. A display with New Puppy and New Kitten items would be a great addition to your store if you see a spike in young pets. Just like a display that focuses on Joint Health and CBD Supplements would be great if you see that your senior lists are growing. 

Campaign Suggestions - If you notice that you have a new monthly Offer coming up that you think would be perfect for a young pet, or another that would be ideal for an older pet, then send a Quick Offer Campaign to the appropriate Young Pet or Senior Pet list. Now of course there are tons of products that are great for all pets regardless of their age, so let's not be ageist or anything, but if there was an Offer for Fish Oil, CBD Oil, or a Joint Supplement you better believe that I would be there front and center to stock up for my senior pup.

Pet Birthday

Yay Birthdays! I love these, customers love these, everyone loves these! There are two filter options: This Month or Next Month. These are my favorite Lists to pair with a My Promotion. Personally speaking, I am more likely to get my dog and cat their free Happy Birthday cookie from my favorite pet store than I am to go get my birthday gyro from my favorite local restaurant. And of course while I'm there we need to pick up a new toy and at least 2 bags of treats, maybe one of those cakes too... (If there is such a thing as a birthday cake or meat pie for cats please let me know at, I'm only kind of kidding).

Tips - Do you have a crafty employee at your store, or are you the crafty one? I've seen Happy Birthday boards at some of my local pet food stores and they were big hits. One shop in particular had a chalkboard and every month they would write down all the names of the birthday dogs and cats for that month on this board which they hung behind the counter for all to see. When it was my turn to checkout I asked to add my pets names and birthdays to their birthday list and signed up for their email list because I wanted to see their names mentioned on the chalkboard when it was their birthdays. It's such a small simple thing to do but the impact is so hugely personal and heartwarming that it can't help but make you feel good.

Campaign Suggestions - Happy Birthday My Promotions! (link to example) These are so much fun to make. It is up to you whether you want to send these out using a Next Month list or a This Month list, play around and see which gets a better response. You could also send the My Promotion using a Next Month list then send a Quick Campaign as a reminder using a This Month list. Pet Birthdays are a big deal as we all know. Giving your customer's pets something nice for their birthday is sure to be appreciated and warrant a Birthday Visit so they can stock up on presents and treats. Some popular birthday gifts include: a Free Large Decorated Bakery Cookie, a 10% Discount on a Toy or Packaged Treat, a Goodie Bag full of Samples, $5 Off Any Purchase, and so on, the more creative the better! 

Completing and Saving Your List

Once you have finished selecting and filling in all your desired fields you can select the Save & Refresh button. Then you will be able to enter a Title for your List. If you need to make adjustments to your chosen filters or to your List title you can edit them from the main Lists screen. 

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