Recipient Lists | Creating a Manual List | Marketing Suite

Recipient Lists | Creating a Manual List | Marketing Suite

You are able to create Manual Lists on your List Generator. The email addresses on this list must already be associated with Pet Owner Accounts on your Astro Account. This is not a way for you to upload your own external customer email lists. 

Here are some things you can do with a manual list.
  1. Create a List of your employees & teammates. 
  2. Send an Email to either one customer or a select handful of customers. 
You can also use Tags to label Pet Owner Accounts if you need to generate larger lists for certain groups. For instance, "Employee" would be a good tag to make so you can label all of your employee's Pet Owner Accounts in Astro. Then you can generate a List using the Filter pertaining to that Tag. If you are using Tags you would create a Filter List rather than a Manual List. Checkout our Filter List generator article for more info on Filter Lists.

How to Create a Manual List

Start by going to your Marketing menu and select Lists from your Dashboard. Click the Create New List button located at the top right of your screen. 

Select Manual List from the List Type drop-down menu.

Now you can start typing in the customer's information into the text field. You can search for them using their Name, Email, or Phone Number. 

To add them to your manual list click the green checkmark beside their name. 

Once your list is complete, click Save & Refresh and give your list a name. 

It is best to give your list a name based on its contents so you do not forget what it contains. 

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