POS Report Data Dashboard | Fulfillment Report Accounts

POS Report Data Dashboard | Fulfillment Report Accounts

Only retailers set up as a Fulfillment Report account have access to this Report option. 

POS Report Data Dashboard:

1. As an Admin user, go to Reports

2. Click on POS Reports Status Dashboard

3. You will see several steps here that your report goes through for processing and can check on the status at anytime!

Here is a breakdown of what each section means:


New means that your report has been uploaded into your Astro account. You can check what was uploaded by clicking the Review button. 

This will show you a breakdown of what was loaded into your account. You can click the second review button for more information as well. 


This is when our team is currently processing your report. 

You can review your Pending count as well by clicking the Review button. This will look similar as New, but it will show that the redemption has been mapped to the customer in Astro. If the customer is not already in Astro, a Pet Owner Account will be created for them. 


Redemptions may be denied if it does not match the criteria for the frequent buyer programs. Denials may be due to Insufficient Purchase Quantity, Ineligible Program, Multiple Brands on the Card, Item Not In Program, or Ineligible Free Good Size. Our team will email you about any denials that occur. 

We recommend checking for denials at least monthly as well to make sure the denials are corrected in order to receive credit from your distributors. Any denied redemption fixes should be sent to posreports@astroloyalty.com  individually from your regular reports. 

When clicking the Review button, it will look similar to the prior sections above but will only include the information of the denied redemption. 

If you click on the second Review button, this will show you the denied reason and a breakdown of the items that were submitted for that particular customer. 


Our team will do a final quality check before proceeding to send the redemptions to distribution. 


Once the redemptions have been moved to the Processed section, this means our team has finished processing your report and the redemption information has been sent to your Distributors for crediting. 

You can check on the status of your credits on your Distributor Free Goods Credit Status report. This report show you if your redemptions are still processing by your distributor and if they have been marked as credited. Here is an article with more information: Distributor Free Goods Credit Status Report | Standard Issue

Common POS Report Issues:

Insufficient Purchase Amount: The customer’s frequent buyer card did not meet the manufacturer’s minimum purchase requirement before you gave the free good. Formatting issues in your report can also cause this issue. Please make sure your report format is consistent and void of inaccuracies.

Redeemed item ineligible for redemption: The customer received a free good unavailable in the frequent buyer program. When this happens, we recommend that you reach out to your brand representative.

Redeemed item is larger than the smallest purchased item: The customer redeemed a 28lb bag of dog food, but their frequent buyer card includes a 4lb item. Only a 4lb bag is eligible for redemption in this instance. Most frequent buyer programs on Astro demand that the free good is the same or smaller in size than the smallest purchased item, so please keep separate cards for different sizes.

Ineligible program: You have submitted a frequent buyer report but have not enrolled your account in the relevant frequent buyer program. Please ensure you have enrolled in the frequent buyer programs for the brands that appear in your report before submitting it to posreports@astroloyalty.com.

The report format is incorrect: Astro’s report upload system only works if the files you submit are consistent. Even small changes, like adding a row at the top or removing a column, will stop the file from uploading into Astro.

Mixing brands: Please note that none of our partnered manufacturers permit mixing your frequent buyer programs. Taste of the Wild purchases, for example, cannot qualify for a Blue Buffalo redemption.

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