POS Report Accounts on Astro

POS Report Accounts on Astro

POS Report Astro Accounts | Account Setup 

The setup for all POS Report accounts on Astro is the same regardless of what POS System Tracking Software you are using. 

Step One - Enroll in Frequent Buyer Programs

The first thing you need to do is enroll in all the Frequent Buyer programs on Astro that you are currently running at your store. Make sure that the Astro programs mirror the programs as you are currently tracking them in your POS.
If there are differences, such as a different Buy X Get Y, and the Astro version has a lower X value than feel free to adjust your POS Program, if your program has a lower X let us know so we can link you an alternate program. If you need an alternate program, in order for its redemptions to report directly to you distributor you will need to provide us with written permission from both your brand rep and your distributor. 
Make sure when you enroll in your programs that you are choosing your current distributor partner for each brand program, if you purchase a certain brand from more than one distributor choose the one you purchase the product from predominantly. You can change your distributor/fulfillment partners on your Enrolled programs at any time very quickly and easily. 

Once you have finished enrolling in your current programs you can start exploring some of the other exclusive programs on Astro. Feel free to enroll in any new programs you are interested in, then all you need to do is create a version of the Astro program in your POS System so you can track it there and generate redemption reports to submit to us for credit. If you have any questions on how to copy one of our programs please do not hesitate to ask.

You can export a Product List showing all items included in a Frequent Buyer Program and how they are categorized. To do this find your program listed under the Enrolled list under the Frequent Buyer menu. There is a link to export below the list of Program Cards.  

Step Two - Activate your Astro Account

If you are still in your Free Trial and are ready to activate please contact us at support@astroloyalty.com and let us know that you would like to activate your Free Trial as a POS Report account. One of our support agents will need to convert your account from a Standard account to a POS Report account, and then they will need to lock in your monthly rate, which is $35/month instead of the Standard account subscription rate of $45/month. 
Make sure to specify what POS System you are using so our agents can verify whether it will generate a POS Redemption Report that is compatible with Astro and approved by our brand and distribution partners. 

Step Three - Export your Redemption Reports from your POS

The process for exporting a Redemption Report will be specific to the POS System that you are using. If you are unsure as to how to export your Redemption Report it may be best to contact your POS System's tech support. Here are some links to websites for some of the POS Systems that Astro is compatible with.
There are more on this list, so if you do not see your POS Tracking System listed here please ask via support@astroloyalty.com

Attached to this article is an example of a Buy X Get Y Free Redemption Export from DARTS. Check it out if you want to make sure you found the right export. 

Step Four - Email your Redemption Report to Astro 

 The best email address to send your POS Redemption Reports to is posreports@astroloyalty.com. But if you send your report to our Support Desk, don't worry, we will redirect it to our POS Report Processing Department for you. 
Once one of our team members uploads your redemption report to your Astro account they will respond to your email to let you know. If there are any issues at this point (you're missing an Astro program or a Distributor on a Program) they will alert you to this so it can be managed right away.

Step Five - Review your Credited Free Goods Report in Astro & Reconcile it with your Credit Memo from your Distributor

Once your redemption reports are uploaded to your Astro account you will be able to find them under the Reports menu within the Distributor Free Goods Credit Status Report. < This link will take you to a full article that will walk you through how this report functions and how you can use it to reconcile your credits. 
Your distributors will still issue you your credits exactly as they were doing before you started using Astro. So you should still expect them to send you some form of a credit memo telling you exactly the credit that was issued to you. The Astro reports will just show you what free goods were reported to them. 

Tip: You do not have to Reconcile your Credited Reports, but it is highly recommended. Reconciling helps you differentiate between the reports that have just been credited and the ones that you have actually received your credit memo for. As a store manager myself I always enjoyed ticking that box once I knew I received the exact credit that I deserved. Remember, even though Astro is awesome and greatly reduces the human error associated with frequent buyer tracking, reporting and crediting; we are all still human and it is good to catch a crediting issue immediately rather than months down the line. 

If you would like your Distributor Free Goods Credit Status Report to include your approximate Costs for each item reported you can request that we turn that free addon for you. This article will go over how the Advanced Distributor Free Goods Credit Status Report will function and how to maintain it. The Manufacturer Pricing Maintenance Tool (another free to use addon) will help you efficiently maintain your store's Cost/SRP values. If you are interested in these addons please submit a ticket to our Support Desk and request them by name.

Extras - Astro Offers & Frequently Asked Questions

There are some other exclusive benefits to being an Astro member that you can now participate in. The big one being Astro Offers.

How to Participate in Astro Offers on a POS Report Account - Manual Method

The Manual Method is the only way to participate in Astro Offers if you are using a POS Report Account. Your account is a POS Report Style Account if you email us your Redemption Reports on a regular basis to add to your Astro Account. 

Since your Astro account is set to POS Reports it means that all of your Frequent Buyer Programs are locked down and unable to be used manually. This means that you can lookup a customer's Pet Owner account and scan a product that you know one of your programs includes and it will not generate a card or add that item to their account. So how does that help you ask? It means you can use Astro Offers in real time without messing up your Frequent Buyer reporting!

Tip: We recommend that you make your staff a Cashier User login to share, but you can also ring up customers while logged in to your account as an Admin.

Step One - Enroll in Astro Offers

There are new Astro Offers every month so don't forget to peak at least 2 weeks before the new month begins to see what is getting ready to launch. You can enroll in an Astro Offer before it goes live so you will be ready to go when it does. Pay close attention to the start and end date for each one. Most last for a full month, some longer, some shorter. 

If you have one location on your account go to your Astro Offers menu and select Available Astro Offers and go down the list and enroll in anything that peaks your interest. 

If you have multiple locations on your account it is best to first review all the available Offers under Available Astro Offers then you can use the Offers Enrollment Grid to enroll your other locations. 

This enrolling process is very similar to enrolling in Frequent Buyer Programs, here is some more info if you get stuck.

Step Two - Lookup Your Customer's Pet Owner Account or Add them as a New Customer. 

Select Checkout from your Astro homescreen, then type in the customer's name, email, or phone number to attempt to look them up. If they have redeemed a card lately and it was on a report that you emailed to us then they will be in your system. If you cannot find them you can add them as a New Customer by selecting the + Add Customer button. 

Since you are submitting us POS Reports that we are mapping to actual customer Pet Owner accounts when we upload them try to add as much unique information for them as possible. A phone number, email address, or internal customer ID will work, or any combination thereof. (If you want to be able to view and edit the Internal Customer IDs please Submit a Ticket and let us know.)

Step Three - Ring up the Offer on your Customer's Pet Owner Account

All you need to do is scan the items that qualify for the Offer onto the Pet Owner account. If you do not have a scanner you can start typing in the name of the item and hit Enter on your keyboard, or you can use the drop-down menus below the search bar to select the Brand Name, Offer Name and then the Qualifying Item, then select Add Item to add to their account. 

Once you have added all the necessary qualifying purchases to their account you will trigger a redeemable Astro Offer and you will see an alert telling you what they qualify for at the top of the checkout screen.

Step Four - Redeem the Offer on your Customer's Pet Owner Account

To redeem the card click the word Checkout at the left of your screen. Now you will see a Redemption Pop-up. Select the reward the customer wants from the drop-down menu provided. Then click the green Redeem Selected Items button to finalize the redemption. You should now see the reward listed under Rewards Earned / Redeemed This Visit and it should very clearly say in green below it This reward was redeemed this visit. Once you are confident that the Offer was redeemed correctly you can click Finished to return to the lookup screen and lookup the next customer.

The Redemption Process is extremely important. If a card is not redeemed properly it will not report to your distributor and you may not get your credit back. Remember, Astro Offers are temporary, so if you do not realize right away that something you gave away was not redeemed in Astro you may have missed your window to add it. The Astro Offers Participation Report is priceless and should be checked periodically throughout the day to make sure that all Offers that were Earned were also Redeemed.

Reporting - Distributor Free Goods Credit Status for Free Good Offer Redemptions & Distributor Rebate Credit Batches for Dollars Off Offers

If the Offer gave away an actual free item then that free good will immediately report to your chosen distributor under Distributor Free Goods Credit Status, and you will immediately see it listed there under Uncredited. If you do not then check and make sure the Offer was actually redeemed under the Pet Owner account.

If the Offer gave your customer a dollars off discount, or a rebate, then those redemptions will appear under Distributor Rebate Credit Batches, which is also housed under the Reports menu. This is the only report that will show dollars reporting and credited. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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