Alternative Methods to Participate in Sharing the Love | POS, Paper, & API Integrated Accounts

Alternative Methods to Participate in Sharing the Love | POS, Paper, & API Integrated Accounts

If you are using one of the following Astro Account styles:
  1. POS Report Account
  2. Paper Card Account (email, we will need to adjust your account to grant you access)
  3. API-Integrated POS Account (Pinogy, eTailPet, PetShop360, etc)
Or you would like an alternative method for participating in Sharing the Love platform then this article is for you!

Suggestions for Merchandising and Display Setup

Regardless of how you are participating in the Sharing the Love platform you may find these suggestions useful. 

The Sharing the Love platform is actively inviting New Pet Owners to your store, what better way to convince them to stay than to welcome them with open arms and give them the grand tour!
  1. Now is the time to ask them about their new pet.
  2. Find out if they have any questions about nutrition or training.
  3. Walk them through your store and show them some of your favorite items you carry that you feel will suite their needs.
  4. While you walk you can pick out the 1-4 free items that will soon comprise their bundle.
  5. As you walk they may see other items they need, like toys, bedding, bowls, etc.
  6. Conversations such as these, well away from the register, help to stimulate questions that may not other arise if the customer feels like others are waiting for them to step aside.

Label the Qualifying Items in Your Store so they are Easily Identifiable

Now, let's go into how you can label the qualifying items in your store so you know at a glance that they are able to be a part of a Free Welcome Home Bundle. This will help you and your new customer collect the items without second guessing yourself and it will keep your conversation flowing. 

Some retailers are using labels as simple as a sheet of stickers to label each Category of item in their store. If you are enrolled in Food, Treat, Supplement, and Supply Adoption Programs then you will need 4 different types/colors of stickers each corresponding to a different category. For instance, you could get a couple sheets of heart-shaped stickers in different colors and stick them to either the items directly or beside the item's tag on the shelf or display. Then when you and your customer are walking through your store you can easily grab 4 different colored items. 

Other retailers have printed the program images taken from their My Astro Webpage and laminated and hung those besides the items that were a part of a particular program. 

Pet Owner Adoption Form

Attached to this article is a simple form that you can download and print into copies. It is a Word Doc, so feel free to edit it and remove any Bundle Portion Category (Food, Treat, Supplement, Supply) that you are not enrolled in. If you want to also collect new customer's phone numbers feel free to add it to your form.

Filling Out the Paper Form

When a new Pet Parent comes into your store you can fill out the form with their info, their pet's info, and record their choices for the different portions of their Bundle.

Make sure to fill in all fields since Pet Owner First & Last Name, Pet Name, Pet Owner Email Address, and 501c3 Rescue Name are all required in order to redeem the Bundle in Astro.

If a customer does not want one of the Bundle Portions you are permitted to leave that line blank, or write no item chosen.

Filling Out the Digital Form in Astro

Start by looking up the customer's account. If you cannot locate an account for them you can add them as a new customer. Make sure to add their email address to their account.

To generate the digital Pet Adoption Form type the word "astro" onto the search bar followed by the name of the species (no space). If the customer adopted a dog then you will type "astrodog", if they adopted a guinea pig then you will type "astroguineapig", etc. Once you have it typed out hit ENTER or RETURN on your keyboard. 

Now you should see the digital version of the form appear on their account.

Start selecting the items chosen from the drop-down menus for each Category. If a customer skipped one of the Categories you can select "No Free Item Desired for This Category". 

Once you have the form filled in you can save it.

If you would like a more detailed explanation of how to fill out this form in Astro along with screenshots checkout this article.

Finalizing the Bundle Redemption in Astro

This article will go over the final process for redeeming the Bundle in Astro.

Make sure you complete this process otherwise the redemption will not report to your distributor for crediting. 

TIP: At the end of every day on which you redeem a Pet Adoption Bundle it is a good idea to check your Pet Adoption Participation Report. This report will tell you at a glance whether or not a bundle redemption was completed successfully. If the Bundle is highlighted in yellow then it means it was not fully redeemed and you should lookup that customer's Pet Owner account and finalize the redemption process.
A successfully completed Adoption Bundle redemption will also appear under your Distributor Free Goods Credit Status Report just like any other free good redemption. 


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