POS Integration | Springboard/Heartland Retail

POS Integration | Springboard/Heartland Retail

This integration will allow you to import information into Astro without leaving your sale in Heartland
Currently the Springboard/Heartland integration cannot be used on an iPad. The iOS App will not let the cashier open a new window, th is prevents them from being able to login to Astro. Some of the basic functions of Astro did not work within the Heartland web view element that is used on the iPad. Our programmers have reached out to Heartland to see if there is a way to fix this on their end. 
~ Astro Loyalty 2022

How to Enable Heartland in your Astro Account:

1. Email us at support@astroloyalty.com and request that we turn on the Enable Heartland Integration feature.

2. Once this feature is added to your Astro account it will be accessible under the Actions menu.
You will need to be logged in as an Admin in order to enable the integration. 

3. Selecting Enable Heartland from your Actions menu will open a page that will ask you to Click Here to enable your Heartland API. 

Click Here to activate the Heartland API. You will be required to sign in to your Heartland account and then grant permissions to Astro Loyalty to access your Heartland data. Once you have done this, your Heartland API will be activated.
If you ever need to reactivate your Heartland API you would follow the same process and will see the following. 

Once you have activated your API you are done. There are no buttons to setup or URLs to enter. Your customer's Astro information will appear at the bottom of their sale while you are checking them out in Heartland.

Checking Out Customers with the Heartland Retail API Enabled

With your integration enabled you will now see a banner at the bottom of your sales screen. 

This banner will remind you to add a customer to your sale so that their frequent buyer purchases are properly recorded. You would do this as you do normally in Heartland by clicking Add Customer at the top of your point of sale. If the customer is new to your store add them as a new customer to Heartland like you would normally.

In the example below we have added Kat Carbonaro to the sale and now the Astro banner tells us that she needs to be linked to an Astro Pet Owner account. Click the link provided to link her to an account. If no such account exists for the customer yet you will be able to make one. 

This will take to to your Astro account. Now Astro will attempt to locate the customer for you by searching your Astro Pet Owner database using the customer's first initial and last name. Astro will also show you the customer's email address if you have one saved on their Heartland account (see red box). If you were to get a lot of possible hits resulting from the initial search using their name you can remove their name from the search bar and type in their email address to narrow the search. In the example image below we have  No Matches so we can click the link to  Create New Astro Account

If we uploaded a customer list into Astro for you, or you have been using Astro and already have Pet Owner accounts saved then you will want to make sure that you thoroughly look for an existing matching account before making a new Pet Owner account for a customer. If you are new to Astro then we actually recommend not uploading a customer list so that you know for certain that each customer not linked will need a new Pet Owner account made for them. 

This will import the customer's First and Last Name as well as their email address and any other contact information that you have saved in Heartland. In the example image below the email and zip code were brought over in addition to the name. Once you have added all your customer's information you can click Save Pet Owner.

First and Last Name are the only bits of information required to create a Pet Owner account on Astro. If you are using the Marketing Suite it would be in your and your customer's best interest to also collect their email and mobile phone number. The email address gives them access to the Free Mobile App and allows them to receive App Push Notifications and Emails while the mobile phone number will allow them to opt in to receive SMS Text Messages. Some frequent buyer programs require the customer's email address, while others require their home address when cards are redeemed, but this information can be added later if it is required.

This will return you to your Heartland sale and you will see your customer's new Astro Pet Owner account information in the Astro banner at the bottom of the sale. This banner includes several key pieces of information as well as a couple buttons. 

Astro Customer - The customer mentioned here should match the Heartland customer mentioned at the top of your sale. If they do not match you can unlink them. Beside the Astro customer's name there is a red warning triangle (see red arrow). This isn't alerting you to anything wrong, so don't panic. If you hold your cursor over the icon it will say  "If this customer does not match the Heartland customer, it may be incorrectly mapped. Click here to remove the customer mapping." When you click that icon it will remove the Astro account from this sale and you will need to click the "Click to Add Astro Customer" link again to map the Heartland customer to their actual Astro account. 
Unredeemed Rewards - This will tell you if the customer has any Frequent Buyer Cards or Offers that are redeemable. It will not tell you what program they are able to redeem, you will have to peak at their account to find that out. 
Current Points Balance - This will show you their current points that they have earned prior to this transaction in progress. 
Check Customer Status in Astro - This button will open up their Astro account so you can view their cards and redeem their rewards earned (blue arrow).
Commit Above Transactions to Astro - If there are no Rewards to redeem then all you need to do is click this button to add any qualifying items on their sale to their Frequent Buyer Cards.

In this example there are no rewards to redeem so we can click the Commit Above Transactions to Astro button. This will take you to their Pet Owner account in Astro. Here you will see all the items that were rung up on their sale listed below Today's Purchases.
  1. Any item that qualifies for a Frequent Buyer programs will have a [+] button beside it so you can add additionals if you are converting a customer to Astro and adding their prior purchases to their Pet Owner account. Frequent Buyer items will also appear as blue-green checkmarks on Frequent Buyer Cards below the list of Today's Purchases
  2. If the customer purchased an item or items that qualify for an Astro Offer then you will see a redemption alert for that Offer above Today's Purchases and a redeemable Offer card below Today's Purchases.
  3. Any item that is not a part of a Frequent Buyer Program or Offer will be listed as an Unknown Item below Today's Purchases. If an Unknown Item is supposed to be on a Frequent Buyer program there is an option to add them as an Exception, which will force them onto a program of your choosing. 
  4. If you are running a Loyalty Points program you will see how many points they are about to earn at the close of this transaction under both Today's Purchases and on a temporary Points card located at the bottom of the list of Frequent Buyer cards. This card will tell you how many dollars are being converted to points and how many points are being awarded for those dollars spent. 

Once the cashier is confident that the customer's purchases have been added to the customer's Pet Owner account correctly they can click where it says Checkout at the left of the screen to Save the transaction and move on to the next page.

If they do not want to Save these items to Astro, or if they forgot to ring up an item, they can click Cancel to remove everything from Today's Purchases and return to Springboard. Then they can correct the Springboard sale and click the Commit to Astro button again. 
Clicking Checkout will bring you to the second Checkout screen, otherwise known as the Redemption Screen (see image below). This is where you would redeem a reward if there was one to redeem.
In this instance there are no cards to redeem so all the cashier needs to confirm is that the Items Purchases This Visit match what was rung up in Springboard, that the items that aren't Unknown have been added to Frequent Buyer Cards, and that the Points they have earned have been added to their Points Total. Notice that the checkmarks on the Frequent Buyer cards are now a light green color instead of a dark green color, this means that they have been saved to a card. 

Once the cashier is satisfied everything has been recorded correctly they can click Finished to finalize the Astro transaction and return them to Springboard so they can finalize their sale and collect payment. 

Upon returning to Springboard you may see some changes to your Astro Pet Owner banner at the bottom of your sale. The customer's Points Balance has updated now that their newly earned points have been added to their Astro Pet Owner account. 

Now the cashier can click Tender and complete the sale. Then repeat the process for the next customer.

Once you have your customers Springboard accounts mapped/linked to their Astro Pet Owner accounts you will automatically see their Astro Pet Owner account at the bottom of their sale so there is no need to look them up each time. 

In the example below we added Mark Keeran to this sale, and since we have already introduced Mark's Springboard customer account to his Astro Pet Owner account we see information concerning his Astro account on the Astro banner at the bottom of the sale. 

Redeeming a Reward using the Springboard Retail Integration

When a Pet Owner has earned a Reward you will see so at the bottom of their sale tab in Springboard. It will say Unredeemed Rewards and then below it will mention how many rewards they are eligible to redeem. 
By eligible Rewards it is referencing the number of Frequent Buyer Cards that they have completed, not the number of choices between the different free goods they are able to redeem that card for. 

To redeem the card for your customer click the blue button that says Check Customer Status in Astro

This will take you into the customer's Pet Owner account in Astro so you can view the card that they are now able to redeem. 

If you want to preview a list of the items the customer can choose between you can click on the link that states " Click to see available Items" which included in the Unredeemed Rewards Alert at the top of the Pet Owner's checkout screen.
This is not where you redeem the card, it's a just a preview so you and the customer know going into the redemption that they have grabbed and item that qualifies as a free good.

To redeem the card you must first click on the word Checkout to the bottom left of the Pet Owner account (see image above). 

This will take you to the Redemption Screen within your customer's Pet Owner account. 
If the program you are redeeming requires the customer's Mailing Address to prove they are a real person then you will see a pop-up where you can enter this data before you move on to the Reward Redemption Pop-up. This is relatively rare since only a small handful of programs require a mailing address to redeem. When entering this information do your best. The city and zip are the most important. If the customer doesn't want to give you their current address see if they will give you a former address. The main thing you don't want to do is enter a fake address here.
Mailing Address Required Pop-up
Most of the time you will be greeted right away by the Reward Redemption Pop-up itself.

The main feature of this pop-up is a drop-down menu that will list all the items in the program the customer technically is eligible to redeem for free. 
The items listed in the drop-down menu is filtered according to the enforced rules of the program (Same Size, Same Species, Lesser or Equal Value Purchased, Most Frequently Purchased, etc) and in some cases the list will include items that you may not carry at your store. So when redeeming a Reward Redemption Pop-up make sure you carefully select the free good so as to avoid selecting the wrong item or an item you do not carry.
Depending on the rules of the program you may also see a link that states " Lowest Value Item on Card" and it will reference the Least Valued Item the customer purchased on that card. This means the card will only redeem for items lesser than or equal to that item. 

If the customer does not want to take home any of the items they qualify to take home for free you do have some options here. Click on the Lowest Value Item on Card link for a reminder of these options.

Now to actually redeem the card...
To redeem the card select the item from the drop-down menu that the customer will be taking home for free, or the item you will be applying as a discount towards the sale if the customer wants to pay the difference. Doing so will turn the button at the bottom of the Pop-up green and you will be able to complete the redemption by selecting Redeem Selected Items.

Doing so will remove the completed card from the checkout screen and add it to the Pet Owner's History. This is where the card will remain unless you need to undo it or you archive it. 

The redeemed free good will appear under Rewards Earned / Redeemed This Visit at the top of the page. In green it will say This reward was redeemed this visit. Whether or not the Astro Reward ID shows up below that is optional.
The Astro Reward ID is the unique identifier that is assigned to every redemption in Astro. This number will appear on every redemption report visible to you, your distributor and the vendor and will be the number that you use to communicate with one another about a specific redemption. 

Beside the Redeemed Item you will see a red Undo Redemption button. This can be used if you accidentally selected the wrong item and need to select something different, or if the customer changed their mind and would rather save their redemption for next time. 
As long as a Free Good Reward has not been batched by your distributor into a Fulfillment Report then you can Undo the Redemption either from this screen (on the same day it was redeemed) or under the History if the card was redeemed on a previous day.

Finalize the Redemption

Once you have successfully completed the redemption you can select Finished from the options at the left of your screen.
Select Finished to Save Redemption and Return to Sale

This will take you back to the customer's sale in Springboard. At this point you will need to add the item to the customer's sale and then apply your discount to it. 

The integration will NOT apply the discount to the sale for you. The main reason behind this is so you have more flexibility in how you award the discount to your customer. If you want to permit your customer to take home an item other than one of the free goods they were eligible for you can discount that item the value of the item you redeemed their card for. 
If you are located in a State where your customers still have to pay the full sales tax owed on items before they are discounted then take this moment to take a mental note of what the sales tax is currently showing on the sale. In this example it is $0.50. 
Make a mental note of the Sales Tax Owed Pre-discount.
Now you can apply your discount to the item however you choose to.

Then you can add the missing Sales Tax back to the sale using the Tax button located top right. 

Now your customer should have their proper discount applied while still having a way to pay you the tax owed. If the customer is purchasing other items you can do the same thing to add back to the sale ticket the amount of tax that was removed from the sale ticket after the discount was applied. 

Now you can collect payment like you would normally by selecting Tender. 
If you have another prefered method for applying your customers' rewards and discounts to their sales ticket then by all means use those method. Astro can only suggest how you apply your discounts to your customers' sales. The actual method you use is strictly up to you.