Pinogy Integration | Astro Account Setup to prepare for the Pinogy Integration

Pinogy Integration | Astro Account Setup to prepare for the Pinogy Integration

If you were using another form of POS Integration with Astro please make sure to let us know that you are switching to Pinogy so we can better help you prepare.
Astro only allows for the passing of one API per Astro account, so if you were using POS System X's integration and want to turn on the Pinogy API for their integration then we will need to disable the POS System X API in order to make that happen. 

We do recommend that you dedicate some time to train your staff on how to use the Pinogy integration before you fully switch over. If you want us to turn on the Pinogy API to allow you to do this keep in mind that your other POS Integration will not work because its API is no longer in play, so you may need to use Astro manually in order to update your customer's cards while inbetween your former POS System and Pinogy. 

Astro Account Setup | Phase 1 | Add your Additional Locations (if Applicable)

When you signed up for your Free Trial on Astro you were asked whether you have a Single Location or Multiple Locations. Your answer to this question determined how your Astro Account was created. If you selected Multiple Locations then you now have a Multi-Location account, but an Astro Agent will still need to add your Additional Locations for you. 
To add your Additional Locations please email or go to your Astro Help menu and select Submit Ticket. Include the details of your additional locations including their Names, Addresses, and the email addresses associated with each location (if applicable).  
Once your locations are added you will be able to edit their Location Information and add their store logos via the Actions menu by selecting Account Management

Astro Account Setup | Phase 2 | Enroll in your Frequent Buyer Programs

For a full guide on how to enroll in Frequent Buyer Programs on Astro please refer to this article and video. Or you can jump to the specific section you need using the table of contents links below.

Quick Start Guide for Enrolling in Frequent Buyer Programs

  1. Log in to your Astro account directly as an Admin by going to and selecting Login.
  2. Go to the Frequent Buyer menu and select Available Astro Frequent Buyer
  3. Scroll through the list and select the programs you are interested in by clicking the Title then click the Enroll button to add your Distributor and Distributor Account Number
  4. If you have additional locations return to your Frequent Buyer menu and select Frequent Buyer Enrollment Grid. To enroll your additional stores you can either select the specific location from the drop-down menu at the top of the page, or keep the view set to All Locations. The programs your main location is already enrolled in will be highlighted in green. To enroll a location click Enroll on the grid and add that location's Distributor and Distributor Account Number. 

Adding Additional Programs to your Astro Account

If a program you need is missing reach out to your brand rep first to see if they have a Private or Secret Program on Astro. We cannot divulge our Secret Menu, but we can say it's a decent size list so you should always check in with your reps, let them know you are on Astro now, and see if they can do anything for you.

If there is no Private Program available to you we can place you in a Tracking Program. In short, Tracking Programs are Retailer-Self Fulfilled, meaning they do not report directly to a Distributor or Fulfillment Partner via Astro. Instead they generate Redemption Reports under Retailer Free Goods Fulfillment Batches that you can then Batch, Export and Email to your own personally secured Fulfillment Partner (in most cases this would be a brand rep or the brand vendor). 

Adding Astro My Custom Programs to your Astro Account

My Custom Programs are an addon feature that you choose to add to your Astro Account. They are mostly used to track services and goods that are only offered at your store such as Dog Washes, Grooming Services, Baked Goods, and other In-Store services and goods.
My Custom Programs are not meant to track and report Manufacturer Programs, or any program that you hope to have your redemptions credited by a fulfillment partner, Tracking Programs are better suited for these types of programs.
If you would like a Custom Program written for you please contact us via and include as many details as possible so we know how best to make your program. 

To integrate your My Custom Program with Pinogy we will need the UPC/Item Number that is assigned to each of your services or goods in Pinogy so we can assign that same number to the SKUs in your My Products/Services database under My Custom Programs. You will have full editing capabilities for these items as well so you can make any changes needed to your database as they arise. 

Astro Account Set Up | Phase 3 | Adding your Customers to Astro

Since Pinogy does an excellent job of helping you map your Pinogy customer accounts to any existing Pet Owner accounts on your Astro Account you do have the option of uploading your customer database to Astro before you start using the integration. This article will outline how best to go about doing this and includes a template that you can add your customers' information to before sending it to us.

Astro Account Set Up | Phase 4 | Adding a Cashier User to each Location

Each of your locations, whether you have one or multiples, will need a Cashier User. This Cashier User will provide you with the Username and Password that Pinogy will eventually need to be able to communicate with your Astro account. To add these Cashier Users you will need to be logged in to your Astro account directly as an Admin. Then go to your Actions menu and select Account Management

Astro Account Set Up | Phase 5 | Turning on the Rest API

Pinogy will require a Rest API in order to communicate with your Astro account. An Astro Agent will need to activate this Rest API for you. Email us via and let us know that you will be using the Pinogy integration and you need your Rest API turned on. 

Once the Agent turns on your Rest API the username and password that you 

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