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Pet Adoption Webinars

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Did you miss one of our webinars? No worries! You can watch the recordings of the webinars below. You can also see what we talked about in the chat. A lot of good questions come up each week, so definitely take a moment to check them out. 

Some Questions That Have Come Up in Past Webinars

Can we personalize/customize our Templates so they all have a uniform look for our store?
Totally! All templates can be personalized automatically with your store's logo. This is the best way to keep things uniform. 
You can also upload your own images to the My Image Library which can then be added to any template. 
If you like you can make one template how you like it, then use Save As to create a copy of it (while preserving the original). Then you can alter your copy just a bit to suite it to the next campaign. 
The Astro Templates under Browse Astro Templates can be edited completely- you can add/remove text/pictures/promos/etc. 
Is there any way to share to Instagram?
Instagram only allows you to post from your phone. There also isn't a way to add a link to a post. But you can use #hashtags and you can tag people. Personally, I think Instagram is the best place to post the feel good picks of your customer and their pet when they are in your store redeeming their Bundle. You can take their pic from your phone, then share that pic to Instagram, tag the customer's Instagram account, and add some #hashtags. We recommend adding #AstroSharingTheLove. When you post something to Instagram you can also choose to simultaneously post to Facebook (or Twitter, or Tumblr). Then you can go into your Facebook page, find the post, and edit it to include any URLs you want (we recommend the URL associated with your My Astro Webpage Adoption Page). 
Do Adoption Programs integrate with eTailPet?
Nope. In order to redeem a Bundle for a customer you are having to fill out a New Pet Form. This is very different from a normal transaction, so there would not be a way to import this from one platform to the other. 
Couldn't anyone just come in and claim they rescued a pet?
You are welcome to add additional requirements to your program. You could require that they bring in paperwork from the shelter, or the adoption agency.
We had another retailer make her own "Adoption Bundle Gift Certificates" that she then gave to some the Rescues she is friendly with in her area. That way the Fosters could easily sign them and give them to their adopters as an additional form of proof of adoption. (But this also helps to inform the pet owner to come by and visit you!)
Astro has added an Adoption Program Participation report to the Reports section of your Astro Account. Here you can see how many redemptions occurred Today, Yesterday, or over a Custom Date Range. This will help you keep track of who redeemed what and when. 
Customers are also only able to redeem one species specific bundle per year. If I, as a customer, redeemed a Dog Bundle on my Pet Owner account at my local store, then adopted another dog a couple of months later, I would not be able to redeem a Dog Bundle again until a full year has passed.
We also recommend that you take a happy picture of them while they are in the store redeeming their bundle. Hopefully their pet is with them when they come- but if they aren't maybe they could hold up a picture of their pet while you take the picture. Then this can be posted on your page as a feel good moment. I would like to think that dishonest people would shy away from taking advantage of a program such as this one if they knew there would be pictures. 
Can we add more than one phone number to our Template if we have more than one location?
Yes! I actually demo how to do this in this webinar after that question came up. You can also control whether you send your Campaign to all of your customers shopping at all locations, or you can limit the reach of your campaign and only send it to your customers who shop at a specific location.

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