Participation & Redemption Reports | Frequent Buyer / Astro Offers / Custom Programs / Loyalty Points

Participation & Redemption Reports | Frequent Buyer / Astro Offers / Custom Programs / Loyalty Points

Within your Reports menu there are several Participation Reports that will help you monitor and keep track of your customers' daily participation in your Frequent Buyer, Astro Offers, Custom Programs, and Loyalty Points Programs. As well as a Redemption by Date Report that will show you all redemptions that occurred on your account within a selected date range.

Only Admin Users will have access and can view these reports. If you have a multi-location account you need to be logged in as your Master Admin User on your main location account in order to see the filter-by-location options, otherwise you will just see reports pertaining to the specific location you are logged in under.

All of these reports will default to Today's date so they are great tools to use during the day to monitor Astro program activity against activity within your POS. If anything jumps out at you as being off it can be easily corrected while your customers' purchases are still housed under Today's Purchases in Astro.

Astro Frequent Buyer Participation

This report is housed in the second grouping of reports within your Reports header menu. 
Astro Frequent Buyer Participation Report

This report gives you an overview of all the frequent buyer purchases in your store or stores within Today, Yesterday or a chosen Custom Range. Everytime you change the Manufacturer, Location, or Date parameter you will need to click the red Refresh button.

The report will present you with several columns of information: Manufacturer Name | Program Name | Unique Customers | Cards Punched | Items Sold | Rewards Earned | Rewards Redeemed. The numbers in these columns reflect how many times each of these programs had a particular action occur within it. The numbers associated with Cards Punched, Items Sold, and Rewards Earned can all be interacted and will reveal more details when clicked on. For instance, if you click on one of the numbers for Cards Punched you will see all of the cards punched that day for that specific program, the current purchase progress made on those cards, the items purchased on those cards and the names of the customers they belong to. Items Sold will she you a list of the items that were purchased and added to that specific program for that time period, and the customers who purchased them. Rewards Earned will list all the customers who have earned rewards during that time period, and if they already chose their free good it will tell you what they received for free.

If you set the time period to Custom Range and select a start date that precedes the date you first started using Astro, then Refresh (it may take a couple seconds depending on how many customers/programs you have) then you will see the entirety of your customers participation activity across all of your frequent buyer programs. If you want to limit this overview to just a particular manufacturer you can choose that manufacturer from the first drop-down and click Refresh again. This is incredibly useful if you want to see how many redemptions, purchases, open cards, customers, etc, there are for a particular program or programs. I'm sure your brand reps would love to hear you brag to them about how well one of their companies promotions is doing at your store! 

Astro Offers Participation

This report is housed in the second grouping of reports within your Reports header menu.
Astro Offers Participation Report
Visually this report is going to look very similarly to your Frequent Buyer Progress Report. It will also default to show you Today's data, and you can filter your data by Manufacturer, Locations (if you have more than one) and date (Today, Yesterday, Custom Range). Cards Punched, Items Sold and Rewards Earned all have numeral links that you can click on to expand the details of the report for that category.

The Rewards Earned values should always match the Rewards Redeemed Values for Astro Offers. The nature of Astro Offers requires them to be redeemed within the same transaction that they are earned. So if the Rewards Earned number is larger than the Rewards Redeemed number, investigate, because it means someone did not redeem their instant reward. This can be problematic since all Astro Offers have expiration dates, and many of them are only available to a customer one visit only. So if their reward expires without them redeeming it they are out of luck. So check your POS history to see if the customer took home the free good or not. If they did, redeem their Offer card on their Astro account; if they did not, delete the Offer card so they will get a chance to possibly trigger it again. 

Astro Custom Program Participation

If you subscribe to Custom Programs you will also have access to a participation report for them. This report is housed in the fifth grouping of reports within your Reports header menu.
Custom Program Participation Report
Visually, this report will appear a little different. The reason for this is because there are two kinds of Custom Programs - Free Good Programs and Cash Back Programs. If you want to learn more about how these kinds of programs function check out this article.

The image above was taken from one of our test accounts where this retailer is running both Free Good programs and a Cash Back program. Cards PunchedItems Sold and Rewards Earned all have numeral links that you can click on to expand the details of the report for that category. The Item Value, Reward Value, and Redeemed Value will only present you with information if you are running a Cash Back program.

The report will default to Today, if you want to change the view to Yesterday or to a Custom Range you will need to click the Refresh button after you make your desired selection.

The main page of this report gives you an overview of all the Custom Programs purchases in your store. You can see how many different customers, how many cards, items sold, rewards earned and rewards redeemed.

This report is incredibly useful if you want to see an overview of how well your Custom Programs have done over a Custom Range of time. Since Custom Programs are an additional subscription fee per month you want to make sure that they are being utilized to their utmost potential for your particular business. This report will show you at a glance how much money your customers have paid into a program compared with how much you have paid out. (The Free Good programs will require you to do some math, ex. Buy 5 Get 1 Dog Wash, 1xWash=$15, 15xCurrent Rewards Earned / 15xCurrent Punches = Current Cash Back %) 

My Loyalty Points Participation

If you subscribe to a Loyalty Points program on Astro you will also be privy to a Loyalty Points Participation Report. This report is located in the very last grouping within your Reports header menu.
Loyalty Points Participation Report
This report is the most different of all the participation reports since you are dealing with points explicitly and not free goods. You are presented with several ways to filter through your customers' point data to focus in on exactly the information you are looking for.

The report will default to showing you the All-Time overall data across all of your locations (if you have more than one). You can then filter your report to see just the points that were added Today, Yesterday or within a Custom Range. Make sure to Refresh your report each time you apply or remove a filter.

The Balance Threshold field will allow you to filter your report to show you customers who have a current point balance of at least a certain number. This is incredibly helpful if you want to see who is close to, or able to, redeem one of your current published rewards; or if you want to see who your top points earners are.
Balance Threshold Applied

If you want to see a detailed breakdown of how a particular customer has earned and spent their points click on their name.
Customer's Points Participation Details
One of the best features of this participation report is that there is an Export option. If you select All-Time with a 0 Threshold you will export your entire Astro Loyalty Points database. If you apply a Threshold Balance it will only export those customers' points information. The export will be in .xls format and will provide you with your customer's Name, Email, Phone and Points Data. 
Loyalty Points Participation Export .xls

Astro Free Goods By Redemption Date

This report is located in the third grouping of reports within your Reports header menu - tucked in with of all of your Distributor Free Goods, Retailer Free Goods, and Rebates Reports.
Astro Free Goods By Redemption Date Participation Report
The report will default to showing Today's Redemptions for All Manufacturers, All Distributors and All Locations (if you have multiples). You can filter these fields to focus in on a particular Manufacturer or Distributor or expand your overall search to show Yesterday or a Custom Date Range. Everytime you alter these filters you will need to Refresh the report.

The report will show you the Manufacturer Brand, the description of the Batch the free good is currently residing on (Today/Yesterday will most likely still show a New Reward description unless the distributor batched their new reports soon after the redemption occured.) If the redemption was older the Batch Description will show you the same description that would be visible on either your Distributor Free Goods Batches or your Retailer Free Goods Batches - depending on whether your program is Astro/Distributor-Fulfilled or Retailer/Self-Fulfilled. 

A quick way to tell if a Redemption is on a Retailer/Self-Fulfilled report vs a Distributor-Fulfilled report is by comparing the name below MFG to the name below Fulfillment - if the names match the redemption is on a Retailer/Self-Fulfilled report (it will be the Manufacturer/MFG name for both). If they are different, like the ones listed in the image below, they are all Distributor-Fulfilled redemptions.

Report with Batched Batch Descriptions
As with most reports on Astro, if you click on the Bold Face titles of each column it will sort the items listed below it either as A-Z/Low-High or Z-A/High-Low.

If you have more than one location on your account (and you are logged in under your main account) you will be able to see the specific location where the redemption occured. If the batch report the redemption/s are located on has been fulfilled/credited you will see the date this took place.

This report also has an Export option. Once you have your filters applied and are viewing the information you would like a saved record of you can select the red Export button. Astro will export the filtered data into an Excel or .xls document. This export will contain the same information as it is listed on the report in Astro.
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